Mulsanne wang: the big Bentley gets bigger

The Bentley Mulsanne EWB has rolled into town for customers to preview

SINGAPORE — Lexus was not the only carmaker to launch a stretched car in May. Bentley has slipped a long wheelbase version of the Mulsanne, its flagship limousine, into town for customers to preview.

The car is 250mm longer between axles to accommodate a more spacious rear compartment. It has aircraft-style seats in the back that recline and come with fold-up leg rests.

Going EWB (for “Extended Wheelbase”) with your Mulsanne will bump its price up from S$1.4m to S$1.7, before options and COE. Going crazy with the latter can quickly tip the price over the S$2m mark, and there are plenty of extras to consider. Fold-up tray tables might be handy for the chairman on the move, for instance.

Bespoke colour and trim options are also available, via Bentley’s “Mulliner” customisation programme. But with 1.2 million different colour, upholstery and cabin trim combinations available off-the-shelf, you’re unlikely to suffer the mortification of mistaking your Mulsanne EWB for another anyway.

That said, just about anything is possible to specify, “as long as you have the time and the money,” says Trevor Gay, ‎the VIP and Special sales manager for Bentley in the Middle East, Africa, India and Asia-Pacific markets.

Well, perhaps not everything; one customer wanted a microwave oven in his Bentley, but the request was declined for safety reasons.

Of the 10,552 cars that Bentley built in 2017, just 595 were Mulsannes. Mr Gay estimates that only 15 percent or so Mulsannes will be EWB versions. Maybe you can’t have a microwave in yours, but you’ll have exclusivity.

This is the car the Bentley Mulsanne EWB has to beat: the new Rolls-Royce Phantom


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