BMW X2 crosses Singapore

The compact “Sport Activity Coupe” from BMW is making its debut tomorrow; here are the first details of the car

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The BMW X2 is here, meaning it’s all over Singapore. The compact crossover coupe is being officially launched tomorrow, but in an out-of-the-showroom exercise that will see it stationed around the island throughout April.

Things will kick off this weekend at the Spartan Race Singapore at Sentosa, where out of breath competitors and the sadists who laugh at them will have a chance to gawp at the X2. BMW is sponsoring the Spartan Sprint, and sees the event as a fit for the X2’s “rebellious” and “extroverted” nature.

If you’re satisfied just seeing it in pictures here, the X2 is being launched at S$193,888 (with COE) in range-topping sDrive20i — decoding that tells you there’s a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo under the bonnet with 192hp, driving the front wheels through BMW and Mini’s new twin-clutch, seven-speed auto.

The price buys the top-spec M Sport X trim, which includes two-tone exterior paint (with hexagonal inserts in “Frozen Grey”) and a bit of flash, sporty bits inside the car, such as contrast stitching and patterned cloth upholstery with Alcantara inserts. It also entails lower, stiffer suspension.

Though heavily based on the X1, the X2 shares no body panels with that car, and features a number of suspension tweaks to make it feel like a different (and sharper) car to drive: if you want to get technical, it has more negative camber up front, a quicker steering rack, and stiffer bushes for the anti-roll bar.

Down the line, the X2 will become available with a smaller engine, as the sDrive18i enters production. That model code translates into a 1.5-litre, three-cylinder turbo engine driving the front wheels.

Plainer variants of the X2, without the fancy grey body colouring or racy interior or sports suspension, will also make their debut.

That should lower the price of entry to the X2 club, which bodes well for the car: the X1 has been a strong seller for BMW here, so its sexier sibling ought to do well, too.

Meanwhile, if you’re keen to check the car out after this weekend’s Spartan Race, the BMW Singapore Facebook page will roll out info on where else to find the X2 over the coming weeks. Better yet, you can read Singapore’s first review of the BMW X2 sDrive20i by clicking here.

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