New Arrival: Enkei PF07

Style, quality and function in one package!

Sitting in a bucket?

Seats are about one of the most important components in a car’s cockpit, here is a guide to help you find that perfect bottom companion!

EcoTouch Dashboard Protect

Spare the dashboard from the harmless sunlight and its UV rays with EcoTouch!

EcoTouch Tire Shine

Give your tyres their well-deserved natural gloss, be everyone else`s envy on the roads!

HKS Drag High Octane Booster

Increase those octane numbers and stop pre-detonation with HKS!

Martini Racing Super Boost

Boost up your precious octane numbers for high performance with Martini Racing!

Mintex Brake Pads

Worthy OEM replacements for your stock brake pads!

Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator

Prevent poor fuel flow with good regulation by courtesy of Tomei!

Customised Stiff Rings

Align the wobbly subframe with a set of these stiff rings for better cornering!


Power Flex Bushings

Stiffened Power Flex Bushings for that extra rigidity and stability in the corners!

Aerodynamic Mirrors

Enhance your ride aesthetically with this aerodynamic mirror.

OMP Grand Prix 7S Helmet

Comfort and good ventilation from the Grand Prix 7S Helmet ensures an improved experience at the track.


High Performance Fuel Rail

Fuel starvation will never happen with this large fuel rail!

OMP Mistral Gloves

The Mistral Racing gloves from OMP promises the perfect grip during track duties.

Cusco 80W90 LSD Oil

Keep that LSD strong and going with Cusco`s specially developed LSD oil!

Power Wash Spray

Washing your car does not get any easier with this power water spray.

Cusco 5W40 Engine Oil

Developed by the experts from Cusco, the engine oil for your ride!

Lukas LK-5900HD Duo Blackbox

Protect your interests in the event of an accident with the `Duo Blackbox` from Lukas.