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Lexus LS Singapore 2017 2018 5Video, reviews and all you need to know about the sexy new Lexus flagship, the LS limo

San Francisco, USA - 

We've driven the all-new, fifth-generation Lexus LS luxury limousine and now that the global embargo is lifted, here's what we think of the radically-designed and very, very different LS. 

Watch our video walkthrough of the car on the grounds of George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch. 

The main model at launch is the LS 500 , powered by a 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 engine that replaces the old LS 460 with its 4.6-litre V8.

Read our review to find out why it can give cars like the BMW 750 Li a run for its money, then hop on over to our test drive of the LS 500h hybrid version to see why it's an about turn from the LS 600h L that preceded it. 

Lastly, here's the big surprise: The entry-level LS 350 model powered by a naturally-aspirated V6 engine. Check out the review to find out why it's possibly the most interesting - not to mention least expensive - LS model bound for Singapore. 

Scroll down for the important bits about the new LS in point form. 

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New V6 Turbocharged Engine 

- The 3.5-litre V6 twin-turbo engine, codenamed V35A-FTS, is an all-new development.
- It features an electronic wastegate for precise, quick flow control.
- 415hp means it has 33hp more than the previous 4.6-litre V8.
- Fuel-injection is handled by the new D-4ST system with both direct and port injection.
- A new seamless valve seat system helps improve airflow and tumble ratio for better combustion.

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- The LS uses the same GA-L platform as the LC coupe.
- It’s claimed to be the stiffest production car platform from Lexus to date.
- It utilises 30 percent more high tensile steel than before and many key structures are made of aluminium.
- The car’s bodyshell is made entirely of aluminium as well, except for the roof which is steel.

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- The optional HUD is the largest of any kind for a car, at 24-inches wide.
- Active Noise Cancelling makes the cabin quieter using anti-phase sound.
-Lexus calls the four-zone climate control ‘Climate Concierge’ as it uses 13 different infrared sensors and automatically adjusts the air conditioning or seat heating/cooling to suit the selected temperature.

- VDIM, Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management, now detects and moderates the car’s behaviour on six axes for a wider range of operation.
- Active safety is upped a notch too, as a semi-autonomous mode including adaptive cruise control with lane tracing (automatic steering assist) will be available in future.

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- The giant spindle grille has 5,000 individual surfaces and took six months of design work to achieve. The F Sport grille has more than 7,000.
- A special hand-pleated upholstery trim option is totally handmade and isn’t offered in all markets because all of it is made by a single family of craftsmen.
- The front aircon vents are fixed - the louvres move behind them - and they’re made of 1.5mm of magnesium for strength.

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