Mercedes-AMG GT sportscar debuts in Singapore


The 911-fighting 510bhp GT S model takes limelight first, base model to follow after

SINGAPORE – Mercedes-Benz launched its latest high-performance sports car, the Mercedes-AMG GT, here in a special event at the GrandHyatt hotel this evening. 

The GT is the successor to the front-engined, rear-drive SLS AMG – it’s been developed using the bones of that very machine, although much improved, and the GT itself lacks the signature gullwing doors of the SLS, as well as costing significantly less than its predecessor. Like the SLS, the frame is predominantly (more than 90 percent) composed of aluminium for increased strength and low weight.

Under the long bonnet is the biggest news, of course: The new twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 engine (codenamed M178) which is, in accordance with AMG tradition, hand-assembled by a single craftsman at Affalterbach in Germany.

The V8 has its twin turbochargers sitting inside its bank of cylinders, like the unit found on the BMW M5 for instance, which helps keep the packaging compact and allows for the engine to be mounted lower for better handling characteristics. The engine is also equipped with dry-sump oil lubrication.

The transmission is a seven-speed dual-clutch transaxle unit (mounted near the rear wheels for better weight distribution), with Mercedes AMG saying the unit has been improved over the one found in the SLS.

For Singapore, the more expensive S model with 510bhp (as compared to 462bhp) is the first to go on sale, with the standard model to be offered ‘in the coming months’ according to a spokesman. The reason for this is that the initial production run of the GT is made up entirely of S models, as the AMG factory expects early adopters to plump for the higher spec machine.

At launch the Mercedes-AMG GT S costs $699,888 with COE, which is significantly cheaper than the SLS AMG at launch. 

Performance Figures GT  S



3,982 cc, 32V, V8, biturbo, direct-injection


510 hp at 6250 rpm
(6000-6500 rpm*)

462 hp at 6000 rpm

Max. torque

650 Nm at 1750-4750 rpm
(1750-5000 rpm*)

600 Nm at 1600-5000 rpm

Fuel consumption / CO2

9.4L/100 km / 219g/km

9.3L/100 km / 216 g/km

CO2 emissions

219 g/km

216 g/km

Kerb weight (wet weight with driver)

1645 kg

1615 kg

Acceleration 0-100 km/h

3.8 s

4.0 s

Top speed

310 km/h

304 km/h

*With the AMG Dynamic Plus package option

The S model has power sent to the rear wheels via an electronic rear differential which is, AMG says, ‘more sensitive, and offers faster control than a (purely) mechanical version’, the latter of which is found on the standard GT.

Standard on the S model is a sports exhaust with selectable flaps (for loudness on demand) and three-mode, electronically-controlled dampers (Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus).

Also standard on local spec cars is the AMG Dynamic Plus package, which is a cost option for GT S models overseas. It includes dynamic engine and transmission mounts (similar to those found on the Porsche 911 Turbo) which ‘adjust their stiffness continuously and instantly to the driving conditions’. The package also adds an additional ‘Race’ and ‘Manual’  drive mode for the engine/transmission respectively, it also adds stiffer springs and damper settings and suspension setup, plus a speed-sensitive sport steering system as well as Alcantara-style material on the steering wheel.

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