Porsche 911 Speedster confirmed for Singapore

Roofless, limited version of the Porsche 911, the 911 Speedster, will be available in Singapore 


The next iteration of the Porsche 911, code-named ‘992’, will arrive soon, but that doesn’t mean the current 991.2 generation is going to retire quietly.

At the 2018 Paris motor show, Porsche confirmed it will produce 1,948 examples of the 911 Speedster Concept that was first revealed at its 70th birthday party back in June.

That production number is a reference to the year the company was born, when the very first Porsche, the 356 ‘no.1’ prototype, was registered for the road.

The previous Speedster, made in 2011 was also the swansong for the 997-generation 911, and is even rarer: only 356 examples were produced.

What makes the new 911 Speedster unique is plain to see.

The body is based off a Carrera 4 Cabriolet’s, but the windscreen is more steeply raked, there’s a ‘double-bubble’ carbonfibre rear deck going from the back of the seats to the engine cover, and instead of a folding convertible roof, there’s only a simple tonneau cover held in place with snap-on button fasteners.

Furthermore, the bonnet and front fenders are also made of carbonfibre.

Although this new car the company brought to Paris is officially also a concept, we highly doubt it’ll look any different once it hits the streets.

We do know the mechanical package will be the same, which features the chassis, six-speed manual and 500hp, 9000rpm 4.0-litre engine from the otherworldly 911 GT3.

No performance figures have been released, but then, like the 911 R and GT3 Touring, the Speedster is more about revelling in the sensations of driving than chasing lap times.

Compared to the previous retro-styled silver concept, the new car sports a more contemporary look, with a simple Guards Red paint scheme, 21-inch cross-spoke alloys and a black and red interior. The bullet-shaped wing mirrors and racing-inspired bonnet fuel filler remain, however.

That said, if retro throwbacks are indeed more your thing, the 911 Speedster also marks the introduction of Heritage Design Packages for added personalisation. Porsche didn’t elaborate, but we’d guess that you can expect retro-themed wheel designs, interior trim, and liveries inspired by the company’s extensive racing history.

A representative from Porsche Asia Pacific says that the 911 Speedster will be coming to Singapore, although he could not disclose exact numbers nor pricing.

Production of the car is slated to begin early next year, although with such limited availability, we wouldn’t be surprised if all 1,948 cars have already been accounted for.

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