Toyota C-HR officially available for $120k


32143342381 642b08bfa0 zToyota C-HR 1.2 priced by Borneo Motors at $119,988 with COE

Ignore that word below the car in the photo -that’s a pic from the 2017 Singapore Motorshow by the way, which indicates how long many eager crossover fans have been waiting for the Toyota C-HR to go officially on sale here. 

If you’re already sick and tired of seeing the distinctive-looking Toyota C-HR on the roads, or been put off by its bright and daring colours, this might not be good news for you: there’s soon to be even more plying our streets as it’s soon to be available from Toyota authorised dealer Borneo Motors, and the range starts from just under $120,000 (including COE).

Ahead of its official Singapore debut on 10 Jan, Borneo has announced pricing for the C-HR and it goes like this: $119,988 for the Active trim, and $129,988 for the Luxury version. If you’ve got a bit more cash to spend, Borneo will also you sell you a Luxury model with a dual-tone paintjob (basically a contrasting-coloured roof) for $1000 more.

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All models come with a 1.2-litre turbocharged four-cylinder, good for 114hp and 185Nm of torque. More importantly, it’s in the Cat A COE band, unlike the 1.8-litre hybrid that’s commonly sold by parallel importers. Of course, we’ve always maintained that there is an extra element of risk in buying from a PI, since if they decide to up and run with your cash there’s jack all you can do about it, basically. 

In addition to the official launch event, the C-HR will also be featured at next week’s Singapore Motorshow, so interested customers can get up close with the car then. Before you head down to Suntec though, check out our handy Motorshow preview so you’ll know what to expect of the event.

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