First peek at Mazda’s new EV

First full production EV teased by Mazda, will debut next week at the Tokyo Motor Show 

Hiroshima, Japan
Mazda has released a teaser video that shows off glimpses at its newest car, a new electric vehicle (EV) that is slated for full production and will be officially revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019 next week.

Watch it below.

The teaser video shows the gearshifter and infotainment controls, as well as upholstery. 

While the gearshifter itself is unique to the EV, the rotary controller from the latest Mazda 3 is recognisable from the side profile view. 

The video also highlights the use of sustainable materials in the cabin, along with a close-up shot of the cabin upholstery. 

The car’s actual appearance hasn’t been outed yet, but Mazda has been spied testing a full EV powertrain with CX-30 bodywork, which lends credence to the idea that it will be a small sport utility vehicle (SUV).

It also marks Mazda’s return to rotary engines – albeit not in the way most enthusiasts hope. The EV is likely to have a gasoline-powered range extender (like the BMW i3), which will be a small-capacity rotary engine. 

Can’t wait to find out more? CarBuyer will be on the scene in Toyko and deliver the latest about Mazda’s new EV on October 23. 

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