2020 Audi RS 4 Avant Review: Join The Cult [w/video]

Mild improvements don’t change the fact that the crux of the Fast Audi experience can be found in its signature performance wagon, the RS 4 Avant


This is the fourth-gen Audi RS 4 Avant now facelifted with a smattering of new bits n bobs, but the important thing to know is that it’s still The Thing To Get if you want a fast Audi wagon. 

We explain a lot of the appeal and heritage of Audi Sport’s RS model Avants (its term for wagons) in our 2017 review of the fourth-gen before its current facelift, read that below.

And long story short, fast wagons have always been Audi’s Thing. And fast wagons are more fun simply because it’s extra-hilarious when something has this type of pace paired with the incongruously practical bodystyle.

Match that to the endemic rarity of station wagons in Singapore, and you have a cult performance car. But it is a cult worth joining? 

The RS 4 is based on the mainstream Audi A4, which has had a ‘major facelift’ and is now much more efficient, and with improved interior tech – read our review on that for more. 

Like the A4, the refreshed RS 4 is easiest to identify by looking at the headlights: It loses the headlights with the jagged lower segment, replaced with a cleaner housing overall that sees internal segmentation in its daytime running light strip, with the taillights having a similar design.

Customers can opt for a black exterior package (S$3,687) which blacks out the air intake fins on the front and the roof rails, touches which we think would set off the car’s Sonoma Green paintwork better.

Audi Sport Quattro and the original Audi Quattro – notice the triple bonnet vents on the former

It’s a lovely colour we first saw on the RS 5 Sportback, a deep metallic paint that falls between viridian and green, and is a nod to the 1984 rally homologation special the Audi Sport Quattro’s Malachite Green.

We’re not good enough at colour correction to show the Sonoma Green’s true shade. In real life it’s a little warmer than this

Audi fans will also notice the Audi Quattro cosmetic vent between the bonnet and the grille, just like on the A1 Sportback, and which also appears on the facelifted S4.

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