2020 BMW 420i M Sport Coupe Review: To The 4

Behind the nose lies a very sharp point as BMW’s 4 Series coupe steps out from the shadow of the 3 Series and shows the brand is back on track delivering proper driving fun 


To understand the point of the second-gen BMW 4 Series – and we’re not just talking about the enormous conk – you have to understand sibling rivalry.

It’s tough living with a superstar sibling. Examples? Ralf to Michael, Michael and Rudolf, or Andy, Maurice, and Robin, to Barry (of the families Schumacher, Schenker and Gibb, respectively). 

The new second-gen 4 Series is perhaps closest to the middle example – I’m going to quit your band (or in this case, nameplate) and start my own – named after me!

The 4 Series as we know it has only been around since 2013, before that it was the 3 Series Coupe for far longer. With BMW now splitting off coupes into their own even-numbered series all down the line, you just need to keep in mind that an even number is supposed to indicate ‘even cooler and better to drive’.

So far, it holds true 50 percent of the time. In the case of the 2 Series Gran Coupe, it’s basically a 1 Series Sedan, while the 8 Series has no direct odd-numbered equivalent (it used to be a 6 but not anymore), it’s certainly what a BMW coupe should be: Exciting to look at, and lovely to drive.

Of the first 4 Series itself, we have no strong feelings or recollections, which is bad for a supposedly emotional two-door.  But starting with the nose, it’s obvious that BMW is taking a very different direction here, one that has its basis in making the 4 Series very different from the 3 Series.

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