2020 BMW 420i M Sport Coupe Review: To The 4

Interior and Equipment 

The interior is a big contrast to the exterior, because here it’s recognisable as the same cockpit as the 3 Series, note for note. That’s not a bad thing, since the current 3er is quite an enjoyable place to spend time. 

As typical these days, two large displays dominate: A 12.3-inch driver’s instrument panel, and a 10.25-inch touchscreen for handling infotainment functions. The former is decent though not exceptional – the dials on the edge of the display and the wrong-way-round tach make for design verve but difficult reading at times.

The latter is very good, easy to use and to read, and as always, we applaud BMW for sticking with a rotary controller which is far less distracting to use on the move. 

With more familiarity, BMW’s in-car Siri, the Intelligent Personal Assistant, is now genuinely useful. We’re most impressed by the fact that it can pick up dictated street addresses the first time around. BMW’s infotainment is also class-leading, after its last OTA update, BMWs are the first luxury cars to have wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. 

Wireless Android Auto now available in BMWs

Room in the front is excellent, as expected of a coupe. Entering the rear seat is a bit of a squeeze, and that’s the main drawback of a Real Coupe™ anyway.

It is surprisingly generous in the rear as well, though keep in mind this is a strict four-seater (there’s no middle belt). Leg and shoulder room is good, but headroom is limited due to the low roof passengers taller than 1.75-metres will leave hair wax on the headliner. There’s even temperature control and vents in the back, though. 

Boot  space is decent, at 440-litres it’s 40-litres shy of the 3 Series, but also has an automatic tailgate, and remote seat-folding handles in the boot. So long as you’re not bent on carrying five adults and bicycles all the time, the 4er should be able to cope. 

Seatbelt servers mean no straining shoulders to belt up

The equipment list is well-populated and you won’t feel like you’ve missed out on anything at this price point. Besides the above tech/connected features and space, you also have sport seats (with adjustable side bolsters), M steering wheel with paddle shifters, wireless smartphone charging, a sunroof (though not on the test car driven here). 

A full active safety loadout is also onboard, including the usual suspects to help you keep in your lane, remind you of the speed limit, stop you from hitting other cars/pedestrians/livestock, as well as a reverse camera with BMW’s Reversing Assistant. 

At 2:18 find out how two brainless serfs meet real intelligence with BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant, and how the Reversing Assistant works at 4:19

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