2020 Ducati Streetfighter V4 S Review: Sonic Boom


With an Italian street-fighter of the past decades, you’d be prepared to make mods, tune the engine and mapping to your liking, and spend to make an already spendy machine perfect. But not with the Streetfighter.

Ducati’s made big improvements to its build quality over the past decade-plus, and the proof is that the SF needs only cosmetic modifications. The parts are all top-shelf – like the triple-tree and handlebar clamps –  the wiring tidy and so on. Even the reliability has gotten better, and the service intervals much longer. 

Now, there’s only a hint of the awkward racebike-descended behaviour and ergonomics, the V4 engine is probably one of the best performance engines around and sounds great as well, and the SF can be anything from relaxed commuter to raging performance monster. Few bikes have as wide a range of performance. 

But it’s not 100 perfect of course. The slick 5.0-inch TFT display jiggles alarmingly over bumps, the lack of keyless is notable at this price, and not everyone is going to love the SF’s Joker-inspired face. The smallish 14-litre fuel tank will also drain in double-quick time, less than 200km, if you ride the SF like Borgo Panigale intended.

There’s also the question of much less expensive competition, anything from Yamaha’s MT-10 (MotoGP inspired engine too) to the KTM Super Duke 1290 R. The closest competitor is Aprilia’s Tuono V4 Factory, which has 175hp, a similarly thrilling V4 and Ohlins active suspension, at almost half the price of the Ducati, though less of the brand cred. 

But at S$71,900 OTR, we figure if you’re aiming for the Ducati, you probably haven’t anything else in mind, which is just as well. The Ducati Street Fighter V4 S is not cheap, but it’s the closest we’ve come to street-fighter perfection out of the box. 

Ducati Streetfighter V4 S

Engine1,103cc, 16v, V4
Power208hp at 12750rpm
Torque123Nm at 11500rpm
Gearbox6-speed manual with up-down quickshifter 
0-100km/hNot quoted but probably quite sick
Top SpeedAt least 270km/h
Wet Weight199kg
Seat Height 845mm
AgentDucati Singapore 
Price S$71,900 OTR* 
Verdict Wonderfully loud, fast and dramatic, equally adept at all conditions and with a price tag to match

* Includes COE, Road Tax, but not insurance

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