2020 Honda City RS Review: City Heat [w/Video]

Fifth-gen Honda City brings serious heat to the compact sedan fight – but at what cost comes its progress?


This is the new fifth-gen Honda City, we’ve tested it, and it’s the best compact sedan in Singapore right now. But it’s not a case of stop reading now and go buy it, because there’s far more to it than that. 

As always, read our news report on the car’s debut in Singapore earlier this year to get the full rundown on things – including why we’re not getting a 1.0-litre turbo, and why a CVT beats a manual. 

But having driven the new City, we realise it’s a new kind of compact sedan. One that leaves the traditional appeal of the genre behind.

The old-school compact sedan of yore, the kind your dad probably bought if he was a no-frills kind of guy, was something that simply had to look un-ugly. Its virtues lie in being relatively spacious and cheap to run, and that was really about it. 

But to see how the new City really moves things forward for the segment and at what price comes progress, read on. 

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2020 Honda City 1.5 RS Review
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