2020 Honda City RS Review: City Heat [w/Video]

4.Space and Practicality

Just like it can balance a budget and make an inexpensive interior look good, Honda has always had ways to maximise space in a Harry Potter-like fashion (you know like those tents).

The cockpit has plenty of stowage space – under the central dash is a dual-tiered shelf, there’s also an armrest box.
There’s also a very clever dual smartphone slot that can accompany even large phablets, next to the handbrake, so your iPhone 11 Pro Max doesn’t go flying off into oblivion at the first hard corner you throw the car into. 

Honda has traded rear headroom for a more attractive silhouette and you can’t blame it, not when SUVs are driving sales because of the way they look. That trend already was in full-swing with the coupe-like Civic, and even Hyundai’s gone radical with the mainstream sedan, the Avante. 

As a result, tall people (1.8-metres and above) will have their heads foul the headliner if they lean all the way back to the rest, but making up for that is the rather ludicrous amount of legroom, which feels equal to the Civic’s almost – and that’s a car one size up. Like most compact cars, you can fit three adults in the rear bench, but it feels like it would be less of a problem with the City. 

The boot space is excellent, at 519-litres, a bucket more than the Vios at 506-litres, and significantly more than the Attrage’s 450-litre capacity. The boot aperture is surprisingly wide and generous, despite the car’s styling, but one minus is that the rear seats do not fold down, so don’t count on carrying very long objects in the City. 

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2020 Honda City 1.5 RS Review
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