2020 Honda City RS Review: City Heat [w/Video]

6.Competition and Pricing

So the City has ‘urbanised’ and could, in theory, be one of the best cars for Singapore: Small, sporty, fun to drive but also economical, presentable, and also having just enough technology to tempt millennials but not enough to scare away oldsters. 

The big but is the price: As mentioned in our news story, the City has a SV (base) and RS (high) spec. Now, the City SV begins at S$89,999 with COE after October’s first round of Cat A COE price relented a little, and the RS model driven here goes for S$92,999 with COE.

Toyota’s Vios is still solid, but showing its age

Compare that to the Toyota Vios which starts at S$79,888 with COE for the base E model, and S$85,888 with COE for the higher-spec G model. 

Thing is, the City’s not that difficult a choice to make if you compare it to other compact sedans – a S$7k premium for the latest and best in segment? Certainly something to ponder for the mainstream buyer, but not an inconceivable one.

But if you compare it to other mainstream cars, the decision gets harder – a City RS for S$92,9999 with COE – or go a size up to a Civic 1.6 for S$97,999 with COE, or HR-V for S$95,999 with COE? And that’s not mentioning the legion of mainstream crossovers that come in all sizes and shapes priced close to the City.

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2020 Honda City 1.5 RS Review
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