2020 Land Rover Defender 3.0P SE Review: Defender of the Faith

The Land Rover Defender is totally reimagined for a new age – but what has it become, and who is it for?

Photos: Lionel Kong & Derryn Wong


The new Land Rover Defender is here – to get primed, read our launch news to find out which variants are here in Singapore – then continue on to our review here.

We all know of the Land Rover Defender has a proud history as the originator of the all-purpose British offroader. When it was introduced in 1948, what we now call the Defender was simply the Land Rover. It went through an astonishing amount of updates and plenty of variants were also built before it was finally phased out in 2016, after more than two million cars were made in total.

It’s now been completely redesigned for the modern era, with an interior that is as much luxury SUV as it is utilitarian, new monocoque chassis replacing the traditional ladder frame, and an all-new drivetrain that is set to include a plug-in hybrid variant.

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