2020 Mitsubishi Attrage Review: The S$70k Question [with Video]

The Mitsubishi Attrage is still as cheap as a Japanese car gets in Singapore – is the bottom line still a viable choice in 2020?


The Mitsubishi Attrage has been facelifted and it’s still the cheapest Japanese sedan you can buy here. That’s the S$70,000 question right there: Either you’ve already decided to buy one or take the bus.

We’re kidding, but not entirely, and it’s certainly not an easy question to answer.

The Attrage is an uber-affordable compact sedan that has managed to thrive in an era when the East Asian compact car market has mostly tanked – how many current-gen Toyota Vios-es have you seen on the road lately? 

Plus, it’s not as if competition is plentiful on the ground either, unlike other segments. 

Have S$100k to spend? Easy, buy a small sedan or small SUV. Have S$140k to spend? Get a mid-sized SUV. Recommendations at those price points are easy.

It’s very different if you only have S$70k to spend: You can buy new, but what about opportunity cost, second hand cars, resale value… wait are you sure you really want a car at that price? In specific case of the Attrage, let’s find out. 

And even if you think budget cars aren’t really relevant here, not only does the Attrage give us a great idea of what to expect from all other cars on the market, there’s also S$20-million proving you wrong.

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