Audi increases the range of the E-Tron 55 in Singapore

Free software update for Audi’s E-Tron 55 SUV will add 20km of range, Singaporean owners will receive update shortly

SINGAPORE – One of the minor miracles of the electric car age is that carmakers can now make changes to cars even after they’ve left the factory. Audi claims exactly this with a software update to its first production electric vehicle (EV), the E-Tron 55 SUV. 

In short, the usable (net) capacity of the 95kWh lithium ion battery has been increased to 86.5kWh, which delivers a WLTP range of 441km, up from the previous 417km. Audi claims a 20km increase to range, and according to these figures it tallies up.

The update also shuts off / decouples the front motor for more efficient driving and uses the rear motor for the main source of motive force. Audi already makes its quattro all-wheel drive cars more efficient by doing the same thing, such as in the 2017 Q5 SUV. The update also improves the way the battery is cooled.   

The update isn’t available for the E-Tron 50 model, which has a smaller battery pack (see our review of the Sportback version of that car here).

How far can the E-Tron 55 go in Singapore, even without the update? Read our full review to find out!

Audi says: “The software update for all Audi e-tron 55 quattro production vehicles built between mid-September 2018 (model year 2019) and the end of November 2019 (model year 2020) can now be installed free of charge at Audi service partners.”

Are you an owner of an E-Tron 55? Audi Singapore says the update can be applied at your next service.

The dark side of this is that the opposite can also happen if the software goes awry – this happened to some Tesla customers abroad earlier this year and also opens the gates for charging for upgrades per customer, rather than per car. 

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