2021 Audi RS 6 Avant Review: Path Vader

Audi’s most powerful car in Singapore, the RS 6 Avant, is light-speed quick, intimidating in appearance, and tech heavy, but it has a hidden light side

Health warning: I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Number of gratuitous Star Wars meme references in this story – 10.

The new Audi RS 6 Avant looks like Darth Vader, and with the amount of power it has, it’s pretty good at neck-straining too. Yet it also has a softer, almost nurturing side veiled by the darkness. 

To address the first claim, the R8 Performance supercar with 620hp isn’t available here, so the RS 6 with its 600hp is power unlimited reigning Sith Lord. And while the R8 might be the exciting mid-engine supercar, it doesn’t have the decades-long pedigree of Audi’s wunder-wagons. And of those extreme estates, the RS 6 has always been the Mack Daddy. 

Here’s why Audi RS wagons are a little special…

As it is with gasoline-powered, high-performance cars in this age, the RS 6 is a cyborg and likely the last of its kind. With Audi’s next most powerful car to be the all-electric E-Tron GT RS, Audi’s given the RS 6 more drama for what could be its final petrol-only blaze of glory.  

Unlike the previous RS 6, it’s considerably different from the standard A6 Avant since its headlight units are actually swiped from the A7 Sportback, and feature Audi’s matrix LED tech plus super bright laser high beams.

Those, coupled with the massive ‘Singleframe’ grille, widened wheelarches (by a considerable 40mm on each side), and massive 22-inch wheels means the car eschews Q-car understatement and is quickly recognised as a bold one. To our eye, the Daytona Grey paintwork, triangular air vents, and inward-slanting sideblades give the car a resemblance to Star Wars’ most famous villain.

To match the Dark Lord visuals, the car’s overall performance has also been raised considerably. From behind the wheel, the new RS 6 feels a generation above its already bloody-quick predecessor.

The heart of the matter is Audi’s familiar 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, which now makes 600hp and 800Nm of torque. It isn’t doubled, but it’s still a significant 40hp and 100Nm increase.

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