AutoApp and SPC SpeedyCare deliver more convenience to drivers

Convenient to-and-from your door car service AutoApp now covers SPC SpeedyCare service and repair centres in Singapore

Photos: AutoApp/SPC

SINGAPORE – Local concierge car-servicing application, AutoApp, has now paired with SPC Lubricants’, and now includes the latter’s chain of SpeedyCare car service and repair centres as part of its menu. 

The partnership is being celebrated with a special offer – S$50 for AutoApp’s Pick-Up and Delivery service (usually S$68), and a S$10 SPC petrol voucher. Interested customers can hit up AutoApp on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, or simply visit AutoApp’s landing page

(Left to right) Ms Lim Yu Xin, Executive for SpeedyCare and Ignition Labs Chief Operations Officer, Alvin Tan

SpeedyCare is SPC’s islandwide network of automotive service centres that offer everything from regular oil changes and car service, to repairs and more. 

As mentioned in our coverage of AutoApp’s debut, everything is done through the app – booking, quotations, payments and more. 

AutoApp uses trained and vetted Service Ambassadors to take care of your car

Customers use the app and choose what they want done to their car, and where. AutoApp’s trained and insured Service Ambassadors will pick up your car at a designated time. With sanitation and safety measures in place, they will deliver it to the SpeedyCare (or any number of service centres available in the app) branch of your choice. The SpeedyCare outlet will quote the customer through the app, the customer accepts, and work is done. Once it’s completed, the SA will bring the car back to the location of your choosing. 

AutoApp, which debuted in July last year, is the brainchild of local outfit Ignition Labs. The service initially launched with a simple premise: Offering drivers here the ability to have their cars serviced entirely door-to-door.

With authorised distributors offering everything from to-your-door test drives and servicing, AutoApp’s remote-servicing with convenience was spot-on in an era where social distancing and minimising interaction is at the forefront. 

Since then, AutoApp has expanded its offerings and you can now use it for repairs, servicing, maintenance, inspections, you can also charge your BEV, shop for tyres, and more. 

AutoApp says its customers are very pleased with the service to date, with a large number of positive reviews on the respective app stores, with over a quarter of the users being repeat customers.

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