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BMW iX electric car in Singapore

Ju-Len: Look, if I were Santa I’d keep an iX for myself! As nice as the cabin is, the real treat is how it drives. It’s so very refined on the move, and even though it doesn’t have fancy air springs the suspension really treads that line between tight handling and a comfortable ride, don’t you think? 

Derryn: The chassis guys did well, that’s for sure. This is the xDrive40 version so there’s 326 horsepower, which isn’t a lot actually, but there’s 630 Newton-metres of peak torque. I kinda like that BMW didn’t go overboard with it, because while the fast acceleration is always funny, we really don’t need that in a heavy car. I think the iX is just right here, fast and responsive enough for city traffic without being overwhelming. 

Ju-Len: Not me. I don’t think less is more. More is more! And 6.1 seconds to 100km/h is just about adequate on paper, although I will say the iX feels quicker than that. The immediacy of electrons just can’t be beat right now.

But the xDrive50 and the M60 versions are coming next year so there’s those, if you’re an acceleration junkie. Given my first impressions of the chassis, I don’t expect those to feel overpowered, but I do hope they preserve the general comfort we experienced in the iX xDrive40.

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Derryn: They let us drive it for a little over an hour but honestly I could spend all day in a car like this. Which is just as well because it has the range for it. On paper it’s good for what, 426km with one charge? I reckon it’s doable in real life.

The battery isn’t huge, with just 71kWh of capacity, but we never saw more than 18kWh/100km on the trip computer, did we? We probably have to investigate that with more time behind the wheel, but I think you’d be looking at charging your iX once a week.

Ju-Len: Absolutely, although home charging is still the best way to do things, I reckon if you stop at a mall with a 50kW DC charger every week and have a relaxed meal, maybe do some shopping, you’ll be able to run an iX with no problems.

Derryn: That brings up something interesting: buy an iX now and you apparently get to choose between a home charger with installation thrown in, or 10,000kWh worth of energy for three years, which BMW says is good for roughly 50,000km. I wonder what iX buyers will take up in the end? 

Ju-Len: Plus there’s six years of free servicing, a five-year warranty and an eight-year warranty for the battery. That’s about as good as owning a car gets.

Derryn: Ok so let’s sum up. The iX is striking to look at, luxurious inside, it feels spacious, and I was impressed with how it felt during our short drive. It should be good to own, too. Did I leave out anything?

Ju-Len: Yes. It’s futuristic. I know EVs are sort of everywhere now, but the iX does feel like a different kind of car, or at least a different kind of BMW. Buy it and you’re almost guaranteed to be the first one on the block to have one, and that’s probably half the appeal for some buyers. Drive this, and I think it’s going to feel like you’ve left both the neighbours and the combustion era behind. 

BMW iX Sport Launch Edition

Electric Motors326hp (combined output),  630 Nm
Battery Lithium ion, 71kWh net 
Charge Type / Time7.4kW AC wallbox / 10 hours (estimated)
Max Fast Charge Type / Time150kW DC / 31 mins to 80 percent
Electric Range 373 to 426km (WLTP) 
0-100km/h6.1 seconds
Top Speed200km/h (limited)
Efficiency25.1 kWh/100km
VES Band A2/ -S$15,000
AgentPerformance Motors Limited
PriceS$411,888 with COE and VES
Availability Now
Verdict Early impressions are of a futuristic, spacious and refined car that’s good to drive, but we’ll tell you after a full review

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