BMW M4 Convertible set for Q4 Singapore launch

BMW M4 gets the tin-opener treatment, with the new M4 Convertible set for a Q4 Singapore arrival; available in 510hp Competition spec and four-wheel-drive only

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BMW has announced the addition of the new M4 Convertible to its line-up, and the high performance drop-top is set to arrive in Singapore in the fourth quarter of this year, likely to be made available on an indent basis only.

The roofless M4 will be available solely in top-spec Competition trim and with four-wheel-drive, which means a power output of 510hp and 650Nm of torque, and a 0-100km/h sprint time of 3.7 seconds. BMW says that there are no plans to produce a lower-powered rear-wheel-drive version, but in any case the M4s sold in Singapore are available exclusively in Competition trim already anyway.

As with any convertible, some strengthening work has gone into the M4 to stiffen it up, with new bracing elements and struts fitted to compensate for the loss of the roof. The M4 Convertible also gets a bespoke double-joint spring strut front axle, and specially adapted axle geometry with a tuned steering ratio to help it maintain its handling prowess.

Like the regular 4 Series Convertible, the M4 Convertible features a soft top roof instead of its predecessor’s folding hard top. The new roof design is said to be 40 percent lighter, and can be folded or unfolded in just 18 seconds, while being operable at speeds of up to 50km/h.

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Other benefits of the soft top roof includes increased cargo capacity, with the roof taking up less space when folded. With the roof down, the M4 Convertible offers 300 litres of boot space, an increase of 80 litres over the outgoing car according to BMW.

Unique convertible only features include heated seats as standard, as well as an Air Collar system that can direct warm air to to passengers’ necks and heads when the roof is down and the weather is chilly.

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The M4 Convertible joins the line-up that includes the recently-launched M4 Coupe and the M3 Sedan, and also comes hot on the heels of the debut of the regular 4 Series Convertible. BMW doesn’t expect the drop top to account for a significant percentage of sales for the line-up, but it adds another option for those who want their M experience to come with that wind in the hair sensation.


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