Bugatti Singapore has sold S$25m worth of cars this year – so far

New showroom for Bugatti Singapore has helped it to quadruple sales in 2021 netting eight-figures of gross revenue

SINGAPORE – Is selling four cars a big deal? If this was a normal car brand, it’d be a totally unspectacular result. But this is hypercar maker Bugatti, so the result is eight-figures of gross sales revenue.

Bugatti Singapore has revealed that it has sold four cars this year to date, and with each car costing around four-million Euros (S$6.2-million), that makes a total of S$24.8m in gross sales dollars in 2021.

The four Bugattis were regional sales -the brand did not give specifics on the models sold, nor their locations, but CarBuyer presumes that at least one track-focused Bolide was included, and is certain that one Chiron Pur Sport – the car seen in our video below – was among the four. 

Watch our tour of the Bugatti Singapore showroom and no, you don’t need swag glasses to enter. Also we start up the car to hear the W16 quad-turbo engine at the end!

One of the catalysts for this is the opening of the Bugatti showroom in Singapore in August – it’s the first such facility in the region, and was built by Bugatti’s regional dealer, Wearnes Automotive. Bugatti says the majority of the new sales were achieved after the showroom’s debut. 

“Since travel was restricted and our customers in the region could not fly in to have a full experience, what helped with the sales was the fact that our Singapore showroom has a configuration wall for a more in-depth view of the customisation process, and the configuration was done from the comfort of our showroom.  We used software like Microsoft Teams to walk through with our prospects,” Sebastian Tan, the general manager for Wearnes Automotive’s Prestige division told CarBuyer.

This Chiron Pur Sport cost S$5-million – without options. Those can easily add another S$500k to the price

It’s a big improvement over 2020, which saw a single Bugatti find a new home, but it’s not exactly a surprise, since we’ve observed that supercars/mega-lux car sales have boomed in 2021 as well with many such brands equalling or exceeding their 2020 sales figures by June of this year. Bugatti itself also is having an excellent year globally, and elsewhere around the world the demand for luxury cars is so high amidst the chip/production shortage that well-heeled car buyers are even buying their top-flight rides pre-owned.

Few other brands could see an eight-figure gross sales revenue from just four cars. Comparable machines from other brands do exist: Koeniggsegg and Rimac, both also under Wearnes’ dealership. Mercedes-AMG has sold at least one AMG One hypercar in Singapore, and more in the region, while Aston Martin has done likewise for the Valkyrie. Boutique hypercar maker Pagani, which has a new dealer in the Eurokars Group, has cars that we predict will cost at least S$2m apiece. 

The Bugatti Showroom on 45 Leng Kee Road

But even if it’s already November, we could see Bugatti Singapore selling one or two more cars by the end of 2021.

Bugatti faces an electrified future ahead, now under new ownership as a joint venture of Porsche and Rimac which could be fuelling the demand for its current petrol-powered cars since the Chiron and related models could be the final Bugattis that run on gasoline.

“For car collectors and enthusiasts this could be the last opportunity to own an example of this iconic automobile as there are less than 20 units remaining, we anticipate that the entire Chiron production run of 500 to be sold out in the coming weeks or even days,” added Mr Tan.

If anything it’s proof that #FOMO works, no matter what the pricetag.

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