Cycle & Carriage launches new real-time online car rental platform

Cycle & Carriage has announced its new online car rental platform, myCarriage, which lets customers view and select their desired rental car in real time


Cycle & Carriage (C&C) Singapore has launched its new online car rental platform, operated under the car distributor’s leasing arm. Dubbed myCarriage, the company says that the new platform allows customers to view the range of vehicles available in real time, and select the exact model that they want to rent, right down to the precise make, model and colour.

Cars can be rented for a minimum of one day, and a maximum of 30 days, and prices start at S$80 a day for a Mitsubishi Attrage, to S$580 a day for a Mercedes-Benz S 450L. Other models include a Toyota Corolla Altis for S$90 a day, a Kia Niro EV for S$170 a day, a Honda Odyssey for S$200 a day, and a Tesla Model 3 available at S$320 a day.

More interestingly, the variety of models available from C&C’s leasing fleet is not restricted to brands that C&C represents. As mentioned,the range spans from a basic Mitsubishi Attrage, all the way to luxury Mercedes-Benz S-Class limo, but there’s also a Tesla Model 3 in the fleet, as well as cars like the Toyota Corolla Altis and Honda Odyssey available.

C&C says that myCarriage differs from other car rental platforms by offering the ability to view in real time the cars available in its inventory at any given moment, from the exact make and model, right down to the colour. From there, the customer selects their desired car, and can collect their rental car in as little as two hours, or even opt for a delivery and pick up service for a small fee. myCarriage promises a seamless rental experience, with everything transacted online and minimal paperwork involved.

C&C is also offering a special launch promo for myCarriage customers, with a 15 per cent discount using the promotion code <myCarriage!>, valid till 28 January 2022. For more information, visit

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