EV Weekend Singapore 2021: MG 5 EV

2021 MG 5 EV - EV Weekend Singapore

The MG 5 EV combines space and plenty of features into a smooth and effective electric car package for the mainstream buyer

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What is the MG 5 EV?

2021 MG 5 EV - EV Weekend Singapore

The MG 5 EV is Chinese carmaker’s second full battery electric vehicle (BEV) to go on sale in Singapore, and it takes the form of a station wagon that offers plenty of space and room for the family. It is also attractively priced, while boasting plenty of standard features and impressive performance.

There are two variants of the MG 5 EV on sale in Singapore. The one featured here is the longer ranged MG 5 EV Exclusive, while the MG 5 EV Excite is the base model which is S$9,000 cheaper. Interestingly, both versions use differing battery and drivetrain setups.

2021 MG 5 EV - EV Weekend Singapore

The Excite model uses a 50.3kWh battery pack to power its electric motor, which produces 161hp and 260Nm of torque. The Exclusive model meanwhile has a larger capacity battery, at 61.1kWh, but has a slightly lower output, producing 154hp, with slightly more torque at 280Nm.

In terms of range, the Exclusive model is able to go slightly over 400km on a full charge, while the Excite’s smaller battery means that it has a slightly shorter range, at around 20 percent less. A full charge takes around 8 hours or so, but the MG 5 EV can also take fast DC charging, giving it 80 percent of juice in around 40 minutes.

2021 MG 5 EV - EV Weekend Singapore

The MG 5 EV’s station wagon body style means that it offers plenty of space for passengers and cargo. The boot is large, at 495 litres, and you can fold the rear seats down to expand it. Both headroom and legroom are abundant in the back, so it’s as ready for family wagon duties as any car at this price level.

2021 MG 5 EV - EV Weekend Singapore

Standard features include an 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, a premium six-speaker sound system, a 12V power socket, and an engine push start button.

The Exclusive model adds an electrically-powered driver’s seat with lumbar adjustment, six airbags, keyless entry and automatic rain sensing wipers. It also comes with a suite of active driver safety systems including electronically stability control, adaptive cruise control, lane assist and forward collision assist.

The Driving Experience

2021 MG 5 EV - EV Weekend Singapore

Like most electric cars, the MG 5 EV has a single forward drive gear, and overall performance is impressive. The specifications claim a 0 to 100km/h time of 8.8 seconds, but it feels much, much faster, and the electric motor’s torque allows for plenty of zingy, quick overtakes.

Its acceleration, needless to say, is seamless. There are no gears to even engage, let alone change, and no real sweet spot to hit where a normal engine would feel its best. Instead, the MG simply picks up the pace as if downloading acceleration from the cloud.

2021 MG 5 EV - EV Weekend Singapore

At low speeds, the steering is effortlessly light, but at higher speeds the car does dial down the assistance to make things feel meatier at the helm, so if you happen to find yourself hurtling through a corner you do at least feel some connection between what the front wheels and your hands are up to.

Reasonably sized wheels means that there is enough tyre sidewall for good rolling comfort in the car, and the suspension tuning is well-judged for good handling ability. Overall, the MG 5 EV is dynamically more entertaining than you might expect.

So, why this car?

2021 MG 5 EV - EV Weekend Singapore

The MG 5 EV makes a very logical step up from drivers of an internal combustion engine (ICE) executive sedan. For those who are considering an electric car and are open-minded enough about the station wagon body style, the MG 5 EV is at least well worth serious consideration.

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MG 5 EV Exclusive

Electric Motor154hp, 280Nm
BatteryLithium ion, 61.1kWh net
Charge Time / Type8 hours / 7kW Wallbox
Electric Range403km WLTP
0-100km/h8.8 seconds
Top Speed185km/h
Efficiency17.5 kWh/100km
PriceS$154,888 with COE (as of November 2021)

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