EV Weekend Singapore 2021: Mini Cooper SE

2021 Mini Cooper SE - EV Weekend Singapore

Mini’s first fully electric model delivers the same fun and entertaining driving experience with the benefits of electric motoring

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What is the Cooper SE?

The Mini Cooper SE is the brand’s first electric vehicle to hit the market, and it features a 184hp electric motor that drives the front wheels. It also produces 270Nm of torque, which makes it good for a 0-100km/h acceleration run of 7.3 seconds.

The electric motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack that lives under the floor and the rear seats, and as a result the Cooper SE is 18mm taller than a regular Mini Cooper so as to allow the batteries to have enough ground clearance from the road.

2021 Mini Cooper SE - EV Weekend Singapore

The Cooper SE was facelifted in 2021 along with the rest of the Mini range, and it now features a redesigned front grille, a revamped infotainment system with a new touchscreen, a fully digital driver instrument display, and a redesigned steering wheel with haptic-touch buttons.

The Driving Experience

2021 Mini Cooper SE - EV Weekend Singapore

The electric Mini still feels like a Mini, so it has a go-kart’s agility in its handling chops. The electric motor deliver their maximum torque instantly, so when you tromp on accelerator pedal, the Cooper SE just goes for it. The car’s performance is zippy and energetic, and feels quite eager to dart through traffic.

The suspension is slightly stiffer on the Cooper SE than on regular Mini Coopers, in order to cope with the added weight of the electric drivetrain. As a result, the ride is a little bit harder, but it’s not overly harsh to the point of being uncomfortable.

2021 Mini Cooper SE - EV Weekend Singapore

Fully charged, the Cooper SE offers a range of 270km, and the car takes 3.5 hours to be fully topped up from an 11kW AC charger. But it also accepts DC fast charging as well, and with that you’ll go from zero to 80 percent charge in just 35 minutes.

So, why this car?

2021 Mini Cooper SE - EV Weekend Singapore

The Mini Cooper SE retains much of the essence that made the Mini Cooper such a favourite among keen drivers. It is entertaining and fun to drive,, while its electric drivetrain delivers plenty of zip and zest, along with a silent and quiet drive, not to mention the benefits of driving around with zero emissions and the feel good factor of saving the planet.

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Mini Cooper SE

Electric Motor184hp, 270Nm
BatteryLithium ion, 32.6kWh
Charge Time / Type3.5 hours / 11kW AC Wallbox 
Electric Range234-270km
0-100km/h7.3 seconds
Top Speed150km/h
PriceS$195,888 with COE (as of November 2021)

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