2021 Honda Jazz e:HEV Review: All This Jazz

Hybrid Honda Jazz hits all the high notes in Singapore with excellent efficiency, improved tech and design – and more usability than ever


The Honda Jazz compact hatch is one of Singapore’s evergreen, always-seen cars, and for the first time it receives hybrid power.

The good news? It works damn well and doesn’t detract from the inherent Jazz-ness of the car – a compact hatch that behaves like a car one, or even two, sizes up. The ‘bad’ news? Don’t bother with the normal, gasoline-only 1.5. 

To give its full name, the Honda Jazz 1.5 E:HEV debuted here earlier this year – read our comprehensive launch news for more info – and like so many other cars in 2021, the hybrid variant is where all the action is. Toyota’s small SUV, the Yaris Cross, ditches a petrol-only version entirely, while even the Lexus IS executive sedan has a hybrid version that makes its gasoline brother look like lesser value

2021 Honda 1.5 E:HEV hybrid Singapore front

It’s also significant because the E:HEV Jazz is the first small hybrid car we’ve seen from the company in awhile – almost a decade, in fact. Let’s not count the flagship Legend sedan nor the NSX sportscar (which Ju-len drove back in 2016) for obvious reasons. Remember that the mild hybrid Civic FD was at one point Singapore’s best-selling hybrid car – and if E:HEV really works in one of Honda’s most successful models, it could kick off the Honda electrified era we’re been waiting for here.

Watch our in-depth review of the Honda Jazz e:HEV here

Page 2: Design and appearance – does the Jazz really look like a Tarepanda?

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