2021 Honda Odyssey Review: Bon Voyage

Competition and Pricing

Seven-seat SUVs are everywhere these days, from the mega-affordable Mitsubishi Outlander, to the almost-lux Mazda CX-8 and CX-9, and there’s even a Mercedes in the sub-S$200k price range, the GLB. But transplant a family of seven from any of those cars, and the Odyssey’s advantage in space and comfort is clear. Point: To enjoy similar space in an SUV, you would have to graduate to a Mercedes-Benz GLE – and you’d still only have space for seven.

As mentioned the Odyssey is a large MPV that sits below super-jumbos like the Toyota Alphard, and it actually has no direct competition anymore. The only recent direct competitor is Toyota’s Previa, of a similar size and also with a 2.4-litre engine, it dropped off Borneo Motors’ price list in October 2020. As both cars have relatively large 2.4-litre engines, you’ll have to make provisions for an annual road tax of S$1,630. That, incidentally, is a sign there’s evolution needed between the bonnet, since we expect this to be the last version of the Odyssey on this platform/drivetrain.

Nissan’s hybrid Serena E-Power is more efficient, offers similar headroom but is narrower, and also has less features and refinement, but also less expensive at around S$140k with COE. Opposite to that are cars like the Alphard/Vellfire and Nissan Elgrand, but are closer to S$200k with COE. On the horizon, Kia will be launching its rather cool-looking and very large Carnival MPV for less than S$200k with COE.


The Odyssey has always been about right-sized space: Big enough for families but not in a car too big that you have to think twice about where to park. 

Other than that, its refinement and more tech at a price below that of an executive sedan means the Odyssey remains an excellent choice for one-car families.

Design and Appearance, Interior and Features
Space and Practicality, Driving Experience
Pricing, Competitors, and Conclusion

Honda Odyssey EX 8-seater  

Engine2,356cc, inline 4
Power175hp at 6200rpm
Torque225Nm at 4000rpm
Top Speed198km/h
Fuel Efficiency8.1L/100km
VES Band C1 / +S$10,000
AgentHonda Singapore 
PriceS$163,999 with COE and VES
Verdict Space, smoothness, refinement and more tech, the Odyssey remains a generously right-sized family mobile 

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