How BMW can electrify your next power move in Singapore right now

BMW features the widest range of electrified vehicles in Singapore, whether you want a full electric vehicle or need the best of petrol and electric power 


You’ve read it in the papers, watched on the news, and scrolled through it right here: With the government putting its weight behind the technology, electrified vehicles are officially the future of motoring in Singapore. And if you’re going to choose an electrified vehicle, only one brand can put the power in your hands exactly the way you want it: BMW.

Singapore has committed to a future of electrified motoring with incentives and announcements of island-wide charging networks available in almost all carparks – 60,000 chargers by 2030, and that’s not counting commercial charging networks either. 

But what does that mean for you, the Singaporean driver? Will you only be able to drive a tiny hatchback that screams ‘greenie’? Do you need to charge every day? How far can you go? Is a charging solution included? 

Electrification leads to a lot of questions, but BMW is well-prepared for the electric future, so naturally it has convincing answers. We’ll dispel the myths behind e-mobility, highlight some of the electrified BMWs now on sale in Singapore, and show you why now is the best time to own one thanks to attractive benefits and exclusives.

Why now is the best time to own an electrified BMW

BMW now has the widest range of PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) and BEV (battery electric vehicles) in Singapore. PHEVs are like normal full hybrid vehicles with a gasoline engine and electric motor, but are powered by a larger battery that can be charged externally. This allows them to travel significant distances like a fully electric car. BEVs are cars powered entirely by batteries.

BMW Singapore is also offering numerous benefits to buyers of its BEV or PHEV models, as below:

On top of the new Vehicular Emissions Scheme (VES) rebates that have made electrified BMWs more cost competitive and affordable, Performance Motors is also offering numerous benefits to buyers of its BMW PHEV or BEV models* :

-Over three years of charging worth $8,888 at selected stations
-Exclusive loan interest rate of 1.68%
-Up to 8 years’ warranty on high voltage batteries
-Five-year BMW Service Inclusive
-Five-year BMW Extended Warranty
-BMW i Wallbox Plus charger and installation included
-Complimentary BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0 in-car camera and solar window film

Are the benefits of electrified tech really worth it?

Given what BMW’s PHEVs and BEVs can do, the answer is clearly yes.

The most obvious benefits include: helping to reduce local pollution, improving the quality of the air, and enjoying reduced running costs. And since BMW offers the widest range of electrified cars here, you never need to compromise on what you want to drive. 

How much can an electrified BMW really save me?

An electrified BMW – like the BMW 330e – could save you more than S$2,000 a year

Here’s a question: How far do you drive each day? The answer is almost certainly ‘less than 50km’, as the average Singaporean car driver covers 48km a day.

Now let’s take the PHEV version of the BMW 5 Series, the 530e, as an example and compare it to a large luxury sedan of similar size which has a fuel efficiency of 7.9L/100km.

The BMW 530e can cover 54km using only electrical energy, and assuming a daily 48km commute, would cost you S$2.90 a day for a full charge.

In comparison, the other sedan would use 3.79-litres of fuel and cost you S$8.68 – almost three times as much.

That would save you S$5.78 a day, S$173.40 a month, or S$2,080.40 a year. 

*Energy prices as of April 15, 2021: Electricity tariff 0.2413/kWh, Caltex 98 RON Premium: S$2.29/litre

Is the technology reliable?

BMW’s electrified future is backed up by a long tradition of innovation

While there’s been a surge of interest in switching over to electrified vehicles recently, BMW is no stranger to this technology at all. In fact, the brand has been researching electric drive tech since the 1970s, with its very first model the 1602 Elektro-Antribe.

The current crop of electrified BMWs already uses the company’s fourth-generation BMW electric drive (eDrive) technology, which is why they can not only deliver superb performance expected from a BMW, but also reap excellent efficiency and superior range. And in Singapore, you’re completely covered by a five-year extended warranty, and a battery warranty lasting up to eight years. 

Is the technology easy to use?

Charging an electrified BMW is as easy as charging your smartphone, and both are done in the comfort of your home. Through BMW’s onboard iDrive system, you can also find the nearest public charging station and preview the car’s electric drive range. If it’s a hot day and you’ve parked outside, you can even pre-activate the car’s air conditioning system for a cool welcome back.

From behind the wheel, the eDrive technology works to deliver the performance expected from a BMW, whether by electric motor, or in conjunction with BMW’s four or six-cylinder turbocharged petrol engines.

All a driver needs to do is, well, drive as normal. But for those who demand precise control, the PHEV models have different BMW eDrive Modes – Hybrid mode lets the car decide everything for you, while Electric allows you to prioritise full electric drive, and Battery Control maintains the current level of battery for use later in your journey. This is further complemented by the BMW Driving Experience modes that tailor the drive to suit your needs: Sport, Comfort, and Eco Pro. 

Okay I’m convinced – which BMWs have eDrive tech aboard? 

Here are just four examples from BMW’s extensive range of electrified vehicles. 

BMW i3S: The super-advanced electric vehicle for the eco-conscious

The BMW i3S is the ultimate electric vehicle for Singapore. Built at a carbon neutral factory in Leipzig using highly-sustainable materials, it’s also one of the most efficient BEVs around, meaning long range from right-sized battery, thanks in part to its unique construction technique involving carbon fibre, which is ultralight yet super rigid. It’s fully at home in the concrete jungle, with zippy performance and a layout optimised for easy maneuvering but maximum space for comfort. 

BMW 330e: The best sports sedan in history – now with electric power 

As the car that brought true sporting pleasure to sedans, the BMW 3 Series needs no introduction. Now with BMW’s eDrive tech working in conjunction with the 2.0-litre TwinPower Turbo engine, the BMW 330e delivers top performance and is capable of 0-100km/h in 5.9 seconds, thanks to 40hp of electric XtraBoost alone. But pleasure is matched with efficiency here, since the 330e is capable of 56km of e-drive range on its battery alone – and at speeds of up to 140km/h. 

BMW 530e: BMW’s best-selling luxury sedan packs power and responsibility

With a full electric range of up to 54km. Both driver and passengers will realise the superior technology and refinement of the BMW 5 Series that is so much more apparent in full electric mode. At the same time, a combined output of 292hp from its electric motor and TwinPower Turbo engine is available any time a driver demands it. 

BMW X5 xDrive45e: The spacious family-friendly Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) now has eco-friendliness

The X5 delivers everything a demanding driver and their family could want: The all-round performance of a BMW X SAV with xDrive, plentiful room for everyone, a flexible tailgate and generous cargo capacity. But the BMW X5 xDrive45e also adds all the benefits of BMW eDrive as well, with an impressive electric range of 77km it can go the distance without using any petrol at all. 

Electrify your next power move


*Offers are on selected models only, and inclusive of applicable discounts and relevant benefits. Effective offers differ from model to model and are subject to in-house trade-in, loan and insurance conditions. Savings offers, BMW Service Inclusive and BMW Extended Warranty packages, exclusive 1.68% interest rate are only available in conjunction with the BMW Straight-line Finance option with a minimum tenure of 7 years and with trade-in of current vehicle. The battery promotion is only applicable to BMW Plug-in Hybrids and Electric Vehicles. Car specifications may vary from the models shown. Options and features are model-dependent. This page provides information on BMW products and does not constitute an offer of sale. Any sale is subject to our applicable terms and conditions.

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