How far can a Tesla Model 3 go in Singapore?

A real-life Tesla Model 3 owner shows off the range of Tesla’s executive sedan in Singapore

SINGAPORE – How far can a Tesla really go in Singapore? The answer: Around 400km if you’re driving the Standard Range model.

While CarBuyer has tested the Tesla Model 3 in its higher-performance all-wheel drive version, our test drive was only half a day, and not (in our opinion) long enough to form a reliable opinion on the actual day-to-day range of the car.

But a helpful YouTuber in Singapore named Tesla Astronaut has uploaded a timelapse video of his drive around Singapore in his Tesla Model 3 SR+. In the video description, he reports 350km of range from 90 percent of battery at an efficiency of 12kWh/100km.

This is the Standard Range model, with a 54kWh battery pack – the figures don’t line up and our guess is because Tesla reports gross range rather than net (usable). Tesla claims 448km from that car though – so this is a case where real-life is quite a bit different from the claim.

That’s respectable range still – the magic figure for modern EV range seems to be approximately 300 to 400km.

In our experience, EVs from ‘conventional’ brands don’t overstate the range as much. Kia’s Niro EV can do almost 500km on one charge and claims less on paper (440km), while Hyundai’s Kona Electric can do 300km on a small 39kWh battery. BMW’s iX3 is very efficient and can hack 450km on one charge.

Audi’s most powerful car ever, the RS E-Tron GT, claims roughly 400km and can do that in real life, even with its soul-sucking acceleration.

If you’re wondering, hey doesn’t Tesla claim huge mileages and have the best electric range of them all? Certainly when Tesla had the early advantage it was the best on e-range, but the market has pretty much caught up.

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