2021 Kia Cerato GT Line Review: Waxing Lyrical

Kia’s facelifted Cerato GT Line matches sharp styling with technology to remain a desirable mainstream sedan, despite it staying mechanically unchanged

Photos by Leow Ju-Len, Derryn Wong

SINGAPORE – What are the must-have features for a mainstream car in Singapore, 2021?

The new Kia Cerato has two out of three, plus something major to help it stand out of the crowd.

A popular mainstream sedan competing with the Toyota Corolla Altis, Honda Civic, and Mazda 3, and a Singapore best-seller in years past, the Cerato is ubiquitous here.

This is the fourth-gen car that debuted here in 2018, and now it’s had a mid-life facelift. To get yourself oriented, read our news story with all the info on pricing, specifications, equipment and variants: Updated Kia Cerato introduces new Kia logo to Singapore

As facelifts go, it’s more radical than most and it’s exactly what the Cerato needs to put the dukes up against its arch rival, the Hyundai Avante, which has gone deep into the four-door coupe look. 

2021 Kia Cerato GT Line Singapore - badge

At the same time, the car also debuts Kia’s new badge which was announced in January, and which Kia says marks a new era for itself – and its customers. But does looking sharp go more than skin deep, or is it just a wax job*?

Derryn and Ju-Len walk you through what’s new about the 2021 Kia Cerato – and explain the badge!

*After four generations we finally looked it up and the closest real meaning the word ‘cerato’ has is in Italian, where it means ‘waxed’. Hell, we’re just as confused as you – a ‘corolla’ is part of a flower, and ‘civic’ doesn’t make sense as a singular or proper noun.

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