Discussion: When will EVs truly take off in Singapore?

2025 onward is the consensus according to our panel of industry experts, and with other fascinating insights into the world of EVs in Singapore and the region

SINGAPORE – Asia and Singapore seem to be lagging behind in the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, but is that really the case? When will EVs really take off, and what other problems and barriers exist on the road the zero-emissions motoring?

We’ve answers to all of those questions and more in our panel on Move Asia – you need to register with Move and then hit up this link to watch it.

The panel was moderated by CarBuyer’s chief editor Derryn Wong, and featured Alistair Scott, the Managing Director, Singapore for Jaguar Land Rover, Markus Schuster, the Managing Director for Audi Singapore, and Yeow Xiang, Senior Specialist E-Performance for Porsche Asia Pacific.

Porsche has pulled the covers off its electric race car concept Mission R

Watch the panel discussion to gain some deep insights into the world of electric motoring – why you really have to experience an EV for yourself, why range anxiety is really not a factor, when EVs should become comparable in price to combustion-engine cars.

This panel discussion was part of mobility forum/expo Move Asia 2021 which spanned three days last week and covers everything you might want to know about future mobility, from autonomous vehicles to startup tech, and a whole lot more.

Audi has launched its flagship E-Tron GT in Singapore

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