Polestar Singapore opens November, Polestar 2 first model

Polestar 2 Singapore
Polestar 2

Wearnes Automotive officially confirms distributorship, Polestar Space to open November 21 on Leng Kee Road, first model is the executive hatch Polestar 2

SINGAPORE – Multi-brand automotive dealership Wearnes Automotive today confirmed that it has been appointed the authorised distributor for luxury battery electric vehicle (BEV) brand, Polestar.

CarBuyer had the scoop on that, breaking the news a week early on July 1, 2021, but this is the first official statement we’ve heard from both Wearnes and Polestar. It also reveals that the new showroom will be up in November 2021, with the first car from the brand on sale here being the Polestar 2 executive liftback.

Nathan Forshaw, Polestar’s Head of China and Asia Pacific, said: “Entering into the local market as a premium electric brand, we found a natural partner in Wearnes Automotive and we are excited to join their portfolio of premium and luxury brands.”

“As the electric sector gathers momentum, Polestar 2 will establish itself as a truly enjoyable, premium electric alternative. We pride ourselves on the ‘Wearnes Experience’, giving our customers unparalleled levels of service and excellence. This fits the Polestar strategy perfectly,” said Andre Roy, the chief executive for Wearnes Automotive.

Polestar’s first offering for Singapore will be an executive-sedan sized liftback, the Polestar 2, which makes it a prime competitor with the Tesla Model 3.

Three versions will be available from November 2021. The entry-level variant will have a single motor driving the front wheels, a version with slightly more power and a larger battery, and the range-topping dual-motor with the same larger battery. If that sounds familiar, it’s the way BEV’s are now specced, as Tesla has shown, and Audi already does this with its E-Tron 50 and E-Tron 55 models.

Polestar 2 charging Singapore

Standard range with a single electric motor with 224hp/330Nm and 69kWh battery pack. It has an average energy consumption of 17.6kWh/100km, and average WLTP range of 430km. 0-100km/h in 7.4 seconds, top speed 160km/h.

Long range with a single electric motor with 231hp/330Nm but a larger 78kWh battery pack. It has an average energy consumption of 17.7kWh/100km, and average WLTP range of 528km. 0-100km/h in 7.4 seconds, top speed 160km/h.

Long range with dual motors with a combined 408hp/660Nm, and 78kWh battery pack. It has an average energy consumption of 19.9kWh/100km and average WLTP range of 465km. 0-100km/h in 4.7 seconds, top speed 205km/h.

Digital cockpit and tablet-like infotainment system for the Polestar 2

Polestar quotes a home charging time of around seven hours, we assume that would be on a faster 11kW charger. A ‘normal’ 7.4kW wallbox would take closer to 10 hours. DC fast charging is via a CCS2 port at a maximum of 150kW, that takes around 40 minutes for an 80 percent charge. Singapore’s fastest DC chargers to date, 50kW, would take under two hours for a full charge.

As for cost, in Europe, the cars range from 40,000 Euro for the entry level model, 50,000 for the single motor long range, and 60,000 Euros for the dual motor. By our estimates that would mean the Polestar 2 single motor standard range would cost around S$250,000 with COE here, and the long-range model around S$300,000.
Finally, the Polestar 2 dual motor long range would retail for around S$350,000 with COE at today’s prices. But the actual cars could cost less, as this does not factor in EEAI and VES rebates, which can amount up to S$45,000.

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