2021 Porsche Macan S Review: (Chef) Kiss This S

2021 Porsche Macan S Review Singapore

The Porsche Macan S is very capable which is no surprise, but it’s also a cost-effective upgrade over the base model in Singapore thanks to a stonking 2.9-litre biturbo engine

SINGAPORE – Porsche’s Macan has been re-refreshed, and we test what might be the most cost-effective model for Singapore, the Macan S.

You probably think we’ve lost our marbles due to a destroyed pocket, but hear us out – and notice we said ‘cost-effective’ not ‘cheap’. 

At S$299,988, it sits above the base Macan (S$260,088) and below the current range-topper the Macan GTS (S$359,988), but as you can see the price gap from the base model to the Macan S is S$40k, but quite a bit less than the GTS*.

*All prices quoted without COE and with VES. If you’re wondering where the Macan Turbo went, it’s discontinued. 

We’ll hammer home that point again later, but first onto the car itself. We’ve tested the base Macan and found it very, very good, concluding that it’s pretty much the best thing you can have in the luxury midsize SUV segment when it comes to driver-focus. All the cosmetic details on the facelift can be found in our review of that car. 

As expected the go-slightly-faster S model ramps that up further. Like the Macan, it gets more power and an all-new engine. Side note here, the base Macan has a ‘newly-developed’ 2.0 but it’s not really new. In the case of the Macan S, it goes from the twin-scroll single turbo 2,995cc V6 to the 2,894cc biturbo V6 found in the Audi RS 4 Avant, for example. 

In the process, it goes from 354hp and 480Nm to 380hp and 520Nm, with the base 0-100km/h going from 5.3 seconds to 4.8 seconds.

That’s really quite quick, and the test car we drove had the optional Sport Chrono pack (S$3,694) that adds the steering wheel button, drive modes, overboost, and launch control in addition to the clock on the dash. 

Optional 21-inch GT Design wheels cost S$13,772

Like the Macan, the steering and handling are both feedback rich and refined, delivering the driver all the info they need to go fast and ignoring most of the bad stuff, but the star of the show here is the engine. 

The 2.9-litre V6 is more snarly and rorty than the previous 3.0-litre V6, and somehow Porsche has made it sound more aggro than the engine’s other implementations. It offers tremendous performance, and tickling the paddle shifter to renew the soundtrack is yet another thing to enjoy about the excellent driving experience. It’s capable of serious pace and delivers serious grip, but as always with a Porsche if you want to back off and take things easy it’s perfectly happy to do so as well. 

Like the base Macan, the Macan S could make a capable family car thanks to its spacious boot, plus plenty of headroom for rear passengers, even if legroom isn’t sedan-level. 

Up front, most of the buttons have been replaced with glossy black touch sensitive slabs which look nice but attract grime, and the infotainment system is now more clever – see our Macan base model review for more details, again.

And to speak of family, yes you could convince The Ministry of Home Affairs/Finance that this is a good buy. You see, S$40k gets you a considerable boost in performance 

Of course the scrutineers might cast a disapproving eye at the fuel consumption – the increase in performance has also increased the Macan’s thirst with it going from 8.9L/100km to 11.6L/100km. 

But consider this: A S$40k price jump to a more powerful model with a V6 is a big step, for any German model lineup. The price gap between a BMW X3 xDrive20i and X3 xDrive30i is around S$30k, and both cars have the same 2.0-litre engine, just in different states of tune. 

The only ‘drawback’ is the price, and we use inverted commas because by now the price of a Porsche is almost an expected feature, than anything else. Even then, the Macan S is a logical step up for the money. 

Porsche Macan S 

Engine2,894cc, V6, biturbo
Power380hp at 5200-6700rpm
Torque520Nm at 1370-4500rpm
Gearbox7-speed dual-clutch 
0-100km/h4.8 seconds
4.6 seconds with Sport Chrono
Top Speed259km/h
Fuel Efficiency11.6L/100km
VES Band C2 / +S$25,000
AgentPorsche Singapore
PriceS$299,988 without COE
with VES
Verdict Not all Ss are created equal, but the Macan S is a logical choice over the base Macan 

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