46 percent of Singaporean drivers ready to go electric, says BMW

According to a survey from BMW Group Asia, 46 percent of Singaporean drivers are ready to buy an electrified car as their next ride


A new survey conducted by BMW Group Asia has revealed that 46 per cent of Singaporean drivers are looking to purchase an electrified vehicle (EV) as their next car. The findings reflect a greater desire from Singaporeans to opt for a more environmentally-friendly option when it comes to their next vehicle purchase, and the result is mirrored by similar surveys conducted recently.

BMW polled 1,000 Singaporeans for its survey, of which at least 700 respondents were driver’s licence holders. The poll sought to understand the respondents’ familiarity and preference with regards to electrified vehicles in Singapore, and questions posed included topics on attitudes towards the impact of EVs on the environment, as well as motivating factors towards considering an EV purchase.

The survey found that Singaporeans purchase a new car every three to five years, and 75 percent of respondents stated that they have some understanding and familiarity of EVs, although only 24 percent of them currently drive electrified cars. Of the 46 percent of drivers who were willing to make the switch, 24 percent would consider a plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV), while 22 percent would consider a full battery electric vehicle (BEV).

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A vast majority (87 percent) cites the reduction of carbon emissions as a key benefit towards owning an EV, while other benefits included the growing number of government incentives (65 percent), and the cost savings from using electricity instead of petrol (59 percent).

At the same time, there remains misconceptions from some respondents regarding the usability of EVs, including ease of charging (41 percent) and lack of range (41 percent), although carmakers are now looking to address such concerns by developing EVs with longer driving ranges and faster charging times.

“It is encouraging to see the growing appetite for electrified vehicles, and that Singaporean drivers understand the benefits of owning an EV,” said Ms Preeti Gupta, Corporate Affairs Director and Sustainability Lead at BMW Group Asia. “With a 27 percent increase in EVs purchased in the first half of 2021 compared to the whole of 2020, it is clear Singaporean drivers are ready to integrate electrified vehicles into their daily lives. However, based on our research, we still have work to do when it comes to educating consumers on charging and range.”

The survey also found that pragmatic considerations were the primary motivators towards helping Singaporean drivers decide whether to make the switch to EVs, with 72 percent citing government incentives and access to public charging facilities as the main factor, and 70 percent saying access to charging at home as an important motivator.

Other factors that Singaporeans consider in their EV purchase are post-purchase support, including a comprehensive extended warranty (64 percent) and quality after sales service (58 percent). The vehicle’s performance, built quality and technological features were also areas of consideration, while 30 percent of respondents also cited brand loyalty as a factor in helping them guide their EV buying decision.

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