How Pirelli Is ‘Electrifying’ Tyres

Pirelli tyres with the Elect label bring great benefits for electrified cars including EVs and PHEVs in Singapore, no matter the type

Tyres are the most important performance component of your car, so it’s no surprise that Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli is already pushing the boundaries for the next step of automobiles: electrified motoring. 

Tyres with specialised technology are nothing new – Pirelli’s P Zero tyre family delivers performance that the drivers of supercar or high-performance machines demand, while those who pilot SUVs or need off-road traction choose from the Pirelli Scorpion range.

But there’s a new chapter in Pirelli’s tyre technology now: Elect. 

Technology in motion 


Since 2019, Pirelli has created tyres uniquely suited to the demands that electrified automobiles bring, the better to maximise performance, efficiency, and safety of these vehicles.

‘Elect’ is the label which Pirelli uses to denote tyres designed and constructed with an electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) in mind. 

But there’s a small difference: the Elect label is applied across the existing Pirelli performance ‘families’ P Zero, Cinturato, and Scorpion. Just as an electrified drivetrain can be applied to any segment or type of car, say an SUV, a coupe, or a sedan, Pirelli Elect tyres can be found for any electrified car. 

Elect tyres have been developed by Pirelli together with the world’s leading carmakers to meet the specialised technical demands of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles according to Pirelli’s ‘perfect fit’ philosophy, with a specific compound, structure and tread pattern design for each car.

At the recent International IAA Mobility Show in Munich, held in September 2021, almost one third of the cars on display ran on Pirelli tyres with Elect technology.

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Cars that ran on Pirelli P Zero high-performance rubber with Elect technology at the IAA Mobility Show in Munich were:

The Audi grandsphere Concept is a fully-electric vision of Audi’s future motoring – and it runs on Pirelli Elect technology

Audi grandsphere Concept
Mercedes-EQ EQB SUV, EQE sedan, and EQG Concept.
Ford Mustang Mach-E 4X
Polestar 1

Cars with Pirelli Scorpion SUV tyres with Elect technology were:

Mercedes-EQ EQC 
Volkswagen ID.4 GTX
Volkswagen ID.5 GTX
Volvo XC90 Plug-In

Elect-rifying technology

Mercedes EQC 400 in Singapore
The Mercedes-EQ EQC is the brand’s first production EV in Singapore and uses Pirelli Elect tech in its tyres

Elect marked tyres offer numerous optimisations that make them completely suited to electrified motoring. 

First: Elect tyres are designed to reduce rolling resistance, which allows the cars to travel further, to use less energy while doing so, and thereby being more efficient. 

Second: Elect tyres are also optimised for reduced tyre noise. The relative silence of an EV means tyre noise becomes more obvious, but this is not a problem for Elect tyres, which are able to sustain one of the key draws of EV ownership – the lack of intrusive noise and vibrations. 

The Pirelli Elect tech can be applied to any of the existing Pirelli tyre families – like the Pirelli Scorpion tyre made with SUVs in mind

Third: Electric motors generate immediate and considerable torque, in a different manner from combustion engines. Pirelli Elect tyres are designed taking this into account, offering immediate grip and durability to cope with this. 

Fourth: EVs and PHEVs often weigh more than combustion-engine cars, and Elect tyres have reinforcements to help cope with this weight under all circumstances for improved performance, and safety. 

Elect for the best

The prime example of Pirelli’s Elect technology is the high-performance P Zero Elect tyre that’s been specifically designed for Porsche’s first electric car, the Taycan.

Pirelli develops tyres with stringent testing and research and countless hours of development. In the case of the Taycan, Pirelli developed a unique P Zero Elect tyre just for the model: The tyre compound, construction, and tread pattern have been tailored to Porsche’s high-performance electric sedan, with the goals of lower rolling resistance and increased range, reduced road noise, increased cabin comfort, but also immediate grip that’s a match for the prodigious torque the car’s motors are capable of generating. 

Porsche Taycan review Singapore
Porsche’s potent electric sedan, the Taycan, makes full use of its P Zero Elect tyres – as CarBuyer found out in its drive of the car in Singapore

The Porsche Taycan’s Pirelli P Zero Elect tyres are a match for the top-notch performance of Porsche’s machine, but Pirelli’s Elect technology is something that the driver of any electrified car can benefit from, many times over. 

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