2021 Skoda Octavia Review: Pleasant Company

Skoda’s new Octavia delivers an extremely pleasant experience for those looking for a comfortable and easy-going family sedan in Singapore

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The family sedan segment has shrunken quite a fair bit over the years. Hark back a decade or so, and alongside the usual Asian contenders there were models such as the Ford Focus Sedan, Chevrolet Cruze, Renault Fluence, and the Volkswagen Jetta, all vying for the family man’s dollar while delivering a Continental driving experience.

Fast forward to today, and the traditional family sedan market now mostly consists of classic Asian favourites such as the Toyota Corolla Altis, Honda Civic, Hyundai Avante and the likes. The Continental brands have effectively abandoned this segment as buyers moved en masse towards SUVs, but there’s still one contender to consider if you want a family sedan with European pedigree.

Check out our video walkthrough of the Skoda Octavia for a quick overview of the car

The new Skoda Octavia was launched in Singapore last month (as usual we have the full skinny for you with our comprehensive news story and early first impressions), and it offers not just a European badge, but also a level of sophistication that looks to raise the game for the segment as a whole, almost in the same way as to how its Teutonic counterpart the Volkswagen Jetta did over a decade ago.

The Octavia brings with it class-leading space, impressive tech, and a premium driving experience that genuinely lifts standards a level up and above many of its rivals. But what else does it bring to the table?

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