2021 Suzuki Ignis Review: Out of the box

The little crossover SUV Suzuki has the makings of a great little car, but is it better than the brand’s own legendary Swift hatchback?


Japanese carmakers are renowned for building small cars well, and Suzuki is still one of the most successful brands to have exported its wares across many countries that have a need for small, dependable cars.

Most famously in Singapore, the Suzuki Swift hatchback has been in almost continuous rotation here in one form or another since the 1980s, even while other competitors like the Kia Picanto and Chevrolet Aveo have fallen to the wayside.

Then there’s this car, the Suzuki Ignis which was last seen in Singapore in the early 2000s. The current-generation model has been available in various parts of the world since 2016, and the new 2021 edition driven here is really a midlife facelift. We get just one version in Singapore, the 1.2-litre engined, front-wheel drive with a mild hybrid booster system.

Compact and somewhat cute but chunky, it’s another new model to add some width to the local Suzuki lineup, which also includes the Jimny and Vitara. 

1. Introduction
2. Design and Appearance
3. Interior and Features
4. Driving Experience
5. Competitors and Conclusion

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