Tesla Singapore’s first showroom opens at Raffles City

American BEV maker’s two-car mini-showroom pops up in Singapore at Raffles City’s One Assembly. Model 3 on display for now, beware long queue times

Photos by Loo Kian Wai

UPDATE Jan 17, 2022 – The Raffles City showroom is no longer operational, and visitors can go to the Millennia Walk showroom instead.

SINGAPORE – Tesla has opened its first showroom in Singapore.

The showroom is located in Raffles City, and embedded into One Assembly. If that sounds totally alien to you, it’s basically the department store which used to be Robinsons, but still looks exactly the same. Entering Raffles City from the main entrance facing City Hall MRT, just take a left once you see mascara and lipstick.

Here’s our very quick peek inside the store itself

It’s basically a cordoned-off area within the department store, and with two units of the Tesla Model 3 on display, with some desks and Tesla staff on hand to explain things to prospective customers.

Tesla Singapore Timeline
– February 2021 : Official pricing and orders start for its first model for Singapore, the Model 3 sedan
– July 19, 2021: Unveiled its first Superchargers at Ion Orchard
– July 29, 2021: Setup a service centre and made its first deliveries to customers
– July 30, 2021: New showroom opens

If you can’t test drive a Tesla, do the next best thing: Watch our test drive of it.

Despite the basic setup, interest in Tesla is still very strong here – visiting on a Saturday afternoon, the wait time to get in was an hour. It’s not advisable to participate in Singapore’s national sport during a pandemic, so you may want to plan your visit at the start, or end, of operating hours (One Assembly is open from 11am to 8pm).

Failing that, if you really want to get your hands on a Tesla and can’t wait, there are other places to do it.

Charge points on every corner are still quite some time away – meanwhile, ucars.sg has a wide range of luxury, Model 3 rivals to check out


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