Toyota’s electric brand BZ will launch seven cars in the next four years

BZ or ‘Beyond Zero’ will designate Toyota’s electric cars with the first launching next year, aims to have seven EVs on sale by 2025 

Toyota City, Japan – BZ, which stands for ‘Beyond Zero’ is Toyota’s next sub-brand, and the Japanese carmaker aims to have seven such models on sale worldwide by 2025. 

How will that work? Well, a fully battery-powered Corolla Altis would be named the ‘Toyota BZ Corolla Altis’ by our reckoning. Like the current sub-brand GR – which stands for Gazoo Racing, Toyota’s official motorsports team – is used on the current high-performance models such as the GR Supra and GR Yaris. 

The first BZ model will be the BZ4X, a small SUV that is slated for a market launch in 2022 –  we covered that car in detail in an earlier story. That car will be, like the GR 86 sports car, co-developed with Subaru, with Subaru bringing its own sister model to market separately.

In short, the car will run on a dedicated electric platform dubbed E-TNGA (TNGA is Toyota’s New Generation Architecture that underpins its newest models, and began with the current Prius).

Toyota’s been a long proponent of electrification through hybrids

Toyota says that by 2025 it will have 15 BEV (battery electric vehicles) on sale. The catch however, is that this also includes sub-subcompact kei style EVs with very short range for urban mobility like the C+Pod. It will also include commercial vehicles, such as the Toyota Proace Electric van, which the brand says will have a range of 300km. 

Seven of these will be ‘proper’ cars at least: Toyota says seven cars will be launched under the BZ moniker.  Lexus will also have fully electric models, such as the LF-30 previewed earlier this year. Lexus’ first full EV has already launched in Singapore, the UX 300e.

Toyota isn’t going the road alone, either. It will also partner with Daihatsu, Suzuki, and Chinese carmaker BYD, to produce the BEVs. Presumably, the partners will also have their own versions of models produced under the joint venture. Toyota and BYD set up a joint venture for research and development and  production of BEVs for the Chinese market in April 2020.

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