2021 Toyota Yaris Cross Review: New Order [w/video]

Toyota’s small hybrid SUV has everything it needs to top the shopping lists of Singaporean carbuyers in 2021


Updated with video March 3, 2021
First published : February 8, 2021

We predict that this is the next mainstream family car that everyone will be tripping over themselves to get into.

Toyota’s Yaris Cross seems to have all the right ingredients to make it another successful outing for the brand here in Singapore, and it now comes with a hybrid drivetrain as standard for the next-gen motoring experience as well. Before you hit the review proper, check out the news story to find out what you need to know about it.

The now-trending crossover SUV body style adds plenty of visual height to the car, but it also borrows a lot from the sleek Toyota Yaris hatchback, giving it a pleasant blend of curves and taut lines. It’s not as visually dramatic as the polarising design of the slightly larger Toyota CH-R, but for many potential buyers this looks a lot more contemporary without looking like it’s trying too hard to be different. 

The Yaris hatchback, incidentally, isn’t available here, mostly because of the fact that small crossover SUVs sell far more than hatchbacks (whether from the compact or small segments) in this country at the moment, and having both hatchback and crossover SUV versions in a small market like Singapore will likely make for a slightly confusing buyer’s choice.

The point is, if you’re shopping for a smallish hybrid family car, the Yaris Cross is worth the little extra outlay over any perceived savings that you’ll get with the hatchback version. 

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