2021 Volkswagen Golf 1.5 eTSI Review: All I Want Is Everything

If you don’t need mega space, the eighth-gen Volkswagen Golf is perhaps the most cost effective car that can deliver everything a Singaporean driver could want


For a car that started out as a replacement for the original, aging VW Beetle in 1974 and essentially a means of getting people mobile in an affordable way, the Volkswagen Golf has come a long way.

Singapore saw a delayed start for the eighth-generation car because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resultant production restrictions at VW’s factory, but we’re now up to speed with the Golf after an 18-month wait.

The Mark 8 VW Golf is here in GTI and 1.5 eTSI versions – see our news story for more!

The Golf launched here in Singapore just last month – as usual we have the full skinny for you with our comprehensive news story that covers which variants are on sale, and how much they cost.

If you wanna see what the Golf looks like in real life, Ju-Len walks you through it

At 4,284mm in length and with a wheelbase of 2619mm, the front-wheel drive hatchback isn’t significantly larger than the previous-gen car, but it’s already spacious enough as it is and now features an interior that looks less like a traditional car and more of something for the digital generation of drivers. 

But what makes a Golf, and how much does the Mark 8 bring to the fore?

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2. Design and Interior
3. Driving Experience
4. Conclusion and Competition

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