BMW M135i gets updated, arrives in Singapore next year

BMW has given its M135i performance hatch some tweaks to improve its handling, with the updated car set to arrive in 2022


BMW has given its M135i performance hatchback a series of mild tweaks, mostly to improve the car’s handling and drivability. The updated M135i is set to arrive in Singapore some time in 2022, according to BMW Asia.

The main changes are to the car’s suspension, which BMW says are meant to give the car an even sharper drive. The camber values for the front wheels have been retuned, and are now increased to optimise the absorption of lateral forces when the car is going through a corner. The front suspension wishbones also now feature a new hydromount.

BMW has also redesigned the trailing and control arms at the rear axle, while the spring and damping systems have also been recalibrated. BMW claims that the updates now result in less body roll when cornering, and that steering feel has also been improved and sharpened.

BMW also says that it has revised the engine’s soundtrack to make it sound more authentic, with the four-cylinder engine’s note being piped through the twin exhaust pipes, and amplified through the car’s sound system. BMW adds that the notes for the M135i are tuned specifically for the model.

Aesthetically, the M135i gets three new colours, namely the striking Sao Paulo Yellow, as well as two metallic shades, Frozen Orange and Frozen Pure Grey. Customers who want their M135i to stand out even further can also opt to go for BMW’s Individual customisation programme, which is now available for the M135i.

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