The Tesla Model Y SUV is in Singapore [updated]

Tesla Model Y Singapore 2022

Five-seat mid-sized SUV from Tesla has landed in Singapore and will have Standard Range RWD and Performance AWD models

Updated 24/01/22 : Homologation figures, no seven-seat option
First published: 11/01/22

SINGAPORE – Tesla’s next model for Singapore is its mid-sized SUV, the Model Y.

The car is in Singapore currently undergoing homologation (the process of approval for sale) with the Land Transport Authority (LTA). Because the homologation process is variable, we should expect the Model Y to go on sale officially in anything from a few weeks to months.  and has been homologated/approved for sale although pricing has yet to be announced on Tesla Singapore’s website.

The Model Y is Tesla’s newest car, officially announced in 2019 and which began production abroad in 2020. As a midsized SUV it’s 4.7-metres long, around the same size as a BMW X3, although it looks more like a high-riding liftback than an SUV proper. 

The cockpit is similar to the Model 3’s – both cars share the same Tesla platform – with a 15.0-inch central touchscreen controlling all of the vital functions.

Tesla Model Y Singapore 2022

Tesla Singapore Timeline

– February 2021 : Official pricing and orders start for its first model for Singapore, the Model 3 sedan

– July 19, 2021: Unveiled its first Superchargers at Ion Orchard

– July 29, 2021: Setup a service centre and made its first deliveries to customers

– July 30, 2021: New showroom opens

– October 1, 2021: Tesla’s clearly the best-selling EV brand here

Tesla Model Y Singapore 2022

Tesla lists the Standard Range RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) and Performance models on the Singapore website.

The Model Y RWD has 295hp and homologated efficiency of 15.7kWh/100km. It does 0-100km/h in 5.6 seconds, has a 217km/h top speed, and a WLTP quoted range of 455km. Tesla has not revealed the battery capacity but it’s believed to be 60kWh, which would translate to a range of 382km according to Singapore’s homologation figures.

The Model Y Performance (AWD) has 527hp/660Nm from its motors, and that propels its from 0-100km/h in only 3.7 seconds with a 241km/h top speed. Quoted range is 480km WLTP from a 76kWh net battery pack. Its maximum charge rate is 250kW which brings the charge level from 10 to 80 percent in only 25 minutes. 

Singapore’s homologated efficiency for the Performance is 17.3kWh/100km, which would give a theoretical local range of 439km.

Tesla Model Y Singapore 2022
Third row seats are an option on the Model Y Seven seat option will not be available in Singapore

One more salient update for Singapore is that there will be no seven-seat option in Singapore. That’s probably just as well, as you can see from the photo above, the third-row seat is best reserved for people with no necks.

The big question: How much will it cost? 

Currently the Model 3 Standard Range costs S$113k without COE, and the Model 3 Performance costs S$155k without COE. By our estimates, we expect the Model Y Long Range to cost at least S$130k without COE (S$200k with COE), and the Model Y Performance to cost around S$170k without COE (S$240k with COE).

Tesla’s first direct Model 3 rival, the Polestar 2, is here. Watch our review, or read it here!

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