5 Reasons Choosing A Car Is Like Finding A Husband

It might sound weird, but choosing a car is just like selecting the right man to settle down with in the long term

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We’ve touched upon this topic before in a previous story, where we explored the idea that looking for your first car is very much like trying to find the right girlfriend.

But today we’re doing a little gender bending and looking at it from a more mature, alternative point of view : finding out why looking for an ideal vehicle is just like searching for a long-term boyfriend or fiancee.

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1. He should make you feel safe

We humans typically have a great sense of self preservation, but somehow when it comes to things that are involving or emotional, the blinkers can go off unnoticed. For example, a prospective beau could be roguishly charming but conveniently neglect to mention he’s a Scientologist. Likewise, it can’t be helped when one is wowed by the shine of new sheetmetal, but at least it’s far easier to tell what’s safe and what’s not when choosing a car, and usually it’s obvious enough from the point of sale.

The place you buy makes all the difference, see: A reputable dealership will have knowledgeable, helpful salesmen, a fully-staffed and professional service department, and even a whole unseen machinery that makes it all run smoothly. Running a super dealership takes lots of time, effort and investment, and arguably the most salient point of all is that a real-deal AD won’t suddenly up and run with your deposit leaving you thousands of dollars poorer and nothing to show for it.  

2. And should really keep you safe

The number of car fatalities and injuries has gone down globally over the years and that’s chiefly because of stringent crash tests and regulations, and responsible carmakers spending lots of money on safety development.

Toyota is the leading spender on research and development worldwide –  in 2016 it spent almost $13-billion dollars on things that technically don’t exist yet, and while that’s for all its R&D you can be sure a good portion of that comes from safety.

At our peek into the Higashi Fuji safety center for example, we found out that each crash test dummy costs $1.3-million, and there are 80 of them at Fuji alone. That’s more than enough to do something terribly flashy, like running an F1 team for a season, but Toyota knows that keeping dear ones safe is a big part of being a carmaker.

And just like any dependable SO, choosing a car from a reputable, official distributor ensures all the right steps are taken to ensure your car’s safe to drive and back to tip-top condition even after an unforeseen incident occurs. Also, buying from an AD means gaining full access to any recalls or updates that can be critical to long-term smooth running.

3. Always make you feel well taken care of

A great BF always goes the extra mile to make his beloved feel like she’s extra important. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like VIP treatment?

At Toyota, it’s all about meeting and exceeding your needs at each stage of the relationship. From the time you first step into the showroom where a lovely concierge greets you, to helping you get a car serviced at your convenience and on a flexible schedule, it’s little wonder that Toyota is known for having some of the best service in the industry.

4. Be great at giving

One of the cruxes of any successful relationship is mutual giving : it can’t be a situation  where one party is always taking, or else there’s bound to be some unhappiness.

If you’re a Toyota owner, you arguably get far more than just what you pay for. Everyone is familiar with frequent flier miles, but how about one that rewards you for regular car service (which is a necessity anyway)?  That’s what Toyota ME is all about, a loyalty programme that rewards you with discounts to service packages, lifestyle perks and other nice little touches so you know you’re getting more than just simply ‘car service’.  

5. Sense of fun

Of course if you find someone with all those qualities and nothing else that’s pretty good,  but the topping on the cake is really a joie de vivre and maybe a little panache to boot. Toyota, and its authorised distributor, Borneo Motors, are all about making their customers happy, lifelong partners as this series has shown. And if you want a little more verve in the mix, there’s offerings like the Prius C, the funky Sienta MPV and new expansions to the model line-up for 2017 as well. Even if you’re already in the ‘relationship’, you can add a dose of pizzazz by dressing up the car with legal modifications to performance or looks.


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