5 Reasons Why Smart Buyers Go Pre-Owned

AD-pre-owned cars combine the savings of a used car with the peace of mind that comes with a known dealership

SINGAPORE – One of the bright sides of high car prices here is that most people take pretty good care of their cars, no matter how old they are. That’s a boon to those looking to pay less for a set of wheels, which is why Singapore’s pre-owned car market is always rather lively. In 2016, for instance, 113,405 cars changed hands*, which is up from 2015’s figure of 94,290, despite the fact that Certificates of Entitlement (COE) aren’t at catastrophically-high levels that we saw in the early 2010s.

Buying a used car does have its own set of risks, as you’ll see, but there’s an alternative that offers all the benefits of buying from a reputable dealership and brand, while also delivering lower, pre-owned prices: Toyota Preferred Certified Pre-owned Cars. Here are five reasons why it’s worth serious consideration from any car buyer.

*Number of passenger cars ownership transfers in 2015, 2016, according to LTA figures.

1. You’ll only get the good stuff 5
How do you know if something’s good? When you know where it came from, and where it’s been. Because Toyota Preferred is the official pre-owned arm of authorised Toyota dealer, Borneo Motors, many of the pre-owned cars come from trade-ins, which means Borneo Motors has the full skinny on the car’s service history and condition. Even then, cars are graded and screened with a 161-point checklist and given a rating – A, B or C. Only cars that score A or B are kept, and Toyota Preferred looks out for low mileage cars with at least five-years’ COE remaining.

2. And it’s good stuff made better 2
Like coffee or wine grapes, grading is only the first step. Once a car is accepted for Toyota Preferred, any major faults (mechanical or otherwise) are rectified. Yep, basically if anything’s not working properly, it’s repaired before sale – which means you, the customer, aren’t paying for a fix after buying. The cars are then sent for grooming, both inside and out, to ensure they’re clean, polished and in tip-top condition. Basically this means if you buy a pre-owned car from Toyota Preferred, you’re getting the best of the best when it comes to second-hand automobiles.

3. You get better-than-industry-standard coverage3
Just as we’ve seen in our wide range of DriveHappy articles, not all car brands are made equal, and not all dealerships are equal either. Likewise when it comes to pre-owned car dealers. Toyota Preferred is, like Borneo, a recognised and established name in the automotive industry and makes its best business by keeping customers happy. To that end, Toyota Preferred offers a one-year warranty with all its cars which is transferrable – if the car’s less than five-years old, then the original Toyota five-year warranty serviced by Borneo is still in effect, anyway. But keep in mind not everyone offers that: that due to the Lemon Law a minimum of six-months warranty is required by legislation, which is what ‘doing the minimum’ dealers might give you.

4. …and more benefits too
The pluses don’t end at an extended warranty, either. Each Toyota Preferred car sold also comes with free servicing for the first year (or 20,000km) and 24-hour roadside assistance, which keeps you on the road and driving happy with minimum fuss and maximum peace of mind.  

5. You’ll still find great deals
If you browse the Toyota Preferred selection you’ll see numerous cars with mileage far less than the average Singaporean car (that’s 18,000km per annum, says the LTA) and naturally, being pre-owned, costing far, far less than new cars.

Just as it is with new cars, going with a recognised, respected name will cost a bit more than the cheapest deals out there of course, but there are still superb deals to be found – given all of these machines have a ‘pedigree’ of sort. As we’ve shown previously, it’s often the case that peace of mind is the most sound investment of all for a future of driving happy.

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