Access by BMW brings you places this holiday season

Need a car for the holidays? Access by BMW is your answer


The holiday season is upon us, with Chinese New Year fast approaching. It’s a time for joy and celebration with friends and loved ones as you get ready to start the new year afresh.

The holidays can be a busy period, from going around town shopping for gifts to festive gatherings with family and friends. During the Chinese New Year period, you may also need to travel around the island to visit relatives and entertain loved ones who may visit you from abroad.

Whatever the occasion may be, it will involve quite a bit of travelling and there’s no doubt that having a car makes it so much easier.

Thankfully in today’s ever-changing world, there are modern solutions that can address such short-term car needs. One such example is Access by BMW, a flexible car subscription service that offers you access to a wide selection of BMW models without any long term commitment.

If you need a car to run about this holiday season, then here’s why Access by BMW is for you.

1) It is all about convenience

Signing up as a member of Access by BMW is as effortless as shopping online. Simply go to, click on Sign Up, fill in your personal and payment details, choose your preferred model and duration of subscription, make payment, and voila.

The car will even be delivered to you at your desired location and timing, all at your very own convenience. To end your subscription, simply inform the service at least three days before the end of the subscription term period, and the car will be picked up again at your chosen location and timing. It’s literally like shopping for a car online.

2) You get to choose how long you want to have the car for

The beauty of a car subscription service like Access by BMW is that you only get to keep the car for as long as you need, nothing more.

Access by BMW has recently expanded its subscription service. Initially offering the choice of either one or three month subscription periods, it now also offers subscription periods from as short as one week to as long as one year.

3) There are no hidden fees

Aside from a one-time sign-up activation fee of S$1,000 (non-refundable) and the monthly subscription price of your desired BMW model, there’s no other fees you have to pay in order to enjoy Access by BMW.

You will receive a full tank of fuel upon delivery. Furthermore, the price you pay includes comprehensive insurance for the named driver and complimentary maintenance and roadside assistance. You pay for only what you use, and there is no mileage limitation.

4) There is a wide selection of cars to choose from

Different cars meet different needs. A saloon like the BMW 330i Luxury Line is perfect for everyday use including going around visiting friends and relatives. At times, the rugged BMW X3 might come in handier when you need a car with a bigger boot space – perhaps when you’re driving your friends from overseas around or carrying large items after a busy day of shopping.

Access by BMW offers a range of models to suit your various needs, ranging from the practical BMW 216i Active Tourer to the stylish BMW 420i Gran Coupe.

In time to come, the range of models will be expanded even further.  You can easily browse through what’s available and their subscription pricing on the Access by BMW website. In addition, you can check out the key equipment highlights (such as rear view camera, sports seats, LED headlights and so on)  available for each model, helping you make a more informed choice.

Whatever your need this holiday, Access by BMW offers you the choice of your own personal transport for the greatest of convenience. It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself this holiday season.

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