AutoApp aims to take charge of your EV charging

Electric car charging in Singapore too iffy for you to make the switch? There’s an app for that…

SINGAPORE — The problem: charging your electric car is a hassle sometimes. The solution: get someone else to do it. Easy if you have a butler.

But if you don’t, AutoApp might be the next best thing. The car concierge service has teamed up with SP Group to offer electric vehicle (EV) charging through the AutoApp SG mobile app.

Tap into your EV’s potential…

The EV Charging Concierge is exactly what it sounds like. You set an appointment with a service ambassador, he takes your electric car and returns it with a full battery.

While it’s plugged in, your EV gets a once-over by the AutoApp staffer, who will examine the tyres, the fluid levels and so on. Any defects or issues get flagged to the owner.

The door-to-door charging service costs S$38 excluding GST but — here’s the important bit — including electricity. That’s a promo price for now; the cost will eventually rise to S$68.

“Given that most EV owners pay between S$20 to S$30 for charging, the premium for convenience and peace of mind that their cars are driven by professionally-trained service ambassadors and protected by insurance coverage that doesn’t affect their NCD, represents very good value,” Sheldon Trollope, a spokesperson for AutoApp, said in a media statement.

The car owner’s NCD, or no-claims discount, is protected because AutoApp covers its drivers with its own S$300,000 insurance policy.

Mr Trollope added that SP Group was the “best provider” to partner with because it owns the largest fast charger network.

SP Group EV charging Singapore

AutoApp is hoping the service will remove an obstacle on Singapore’s EV adoption path. Condominium and HDB dwellers, the company says, will now be able to consider switching to electric cars.

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The homegrown app was launched this year as a door-to-door car concierge service. It deploys its own drivers to take users’ cars to service appointments, and aims to take the hassle out of such ownership needs as repairs, general maintenance, tyre replacement, grooming and so on.

Bridging the gap between electric cars and charging stations could make AutoApp an integral part of Singapore’s EV ecosystem. But while it aims to sign up as many EV drivers as possible and take charge of their charging, the real goal is to also take charge of everything else.

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