Bentley Flying Spur V8 waltzes into Singapore

V8-engined version of Bentley Flying Spur luxury saloon arrives in Singapore; pricing starts at S$919,000 before COE and options

Photos: Bentley

SINGAPORE — Bentley launched its Flying Spur V8 in Singapore at an event held at the Shangri-La Hotel on 26 April, with the car retailing for S$919,000 without COE or options. The V8-engined version of Bentley’s luxury saloon joins the flagship W12 model, which is priced at S$1,019,000 before COE and options, and was launched here in 2019.

The V8 engine is also found in the Flying Spur’s two-door sibling, the Continental GT, as well as Bentley’s Bentayga SUV offering, and is a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 that develops 542hp and 770Nm of torque. The engine also features cylinder deactivation technology, and can shut down four of its eight cylinders under light load conditions, contributing towards better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

The smaller engine makes the Flying Spur V8 some 100kg lighter than the full-fat W12 version, and Bentley claims that this makes the car more agile and responsive to drive. It has also incorporated a number of technologies to assist with the car’s handling and drivability, such as adaptive air suspension and brake torque vectoring. There are also options such as electronic all-wheel-steering, and active anti-roll technology that is powered by a 48V electric system setup.

Customers can opt to spec the Flying Spur V8 in either a four or five-seater layout, and like all Bentleys, the car is customisable with an extensive list of wood veneer and leather upholstery options. Another unique option available is the Bentley Rotating Display, which switches the dashboard display from an infotainment touchscreen to a set of analogue dials to a plain wood panel in a James Bond-esque manner.

The Flying Spur V8 joins a whole host of high-end cars that have arrived in Singapore recently, with models such as the Lexus LS, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo all jostling for buyers’ attention, and contributing towards a spike in Cat B COE premiums. And the trend is likely to continue, with even the Koreans joining the luxury game with the upcoming launches of the Kia Carnival and Hyundai Palisade large people carriers this month.

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