Big Toy Story: BMW’s new R 1250 GS is (literally) unboxed in Singapore

BMW’s all-conquering adventure bike now with variable valve control, more riding tech and increased connectivity, priced from S$55k OTR in Singapore

SINGAPORE – A new version of BMW Motorrad’s most popular motorcycle was quite literally unboxed today to a crowd at the BMW Motorrad / Performance Motors Limited Showroom on 303 Alexandra Road.

The R 1250 GS is the latest-generation of BMW’s big boxer-engined adventure bike, and it was packaged as a motorcycle should be: like a joy-giving, fun-bringing piece of technology.

It replaces the current R 1200 GS model. The GS is BMW’s best-selling and most-successful motorcycle both here and around the world, and a key proponent of today’s adventure motorcycle craze.  

The new bike is offered in four variants (scroll to the end for a full breakdown and gallery), and pricing starts from S$55k On-The-Road (OTR, with COE, road tax, sans insurance), including the S$2,500 COE rebate currently offered by BMW Motorrad.

As detailed in our earlier model debut story on, the R 1250 GS receives a new engine that has variable valve technology, dubbed ShiftCam. Again, as mentioned in that story, the tech “…controls valve timing and lift on the intake cams alone by means of electronically-controlled, pin-actuated cams. Each intake valve has a pair of cams, one for partial or low loads (low revs), and one for full loads (high revs).”

What this means for riders is increased power, better power/torque delivery and smoothness at both the low and high-end, as well as improved fuel efficiency. The capacity of the engine has been increased from 1,170cc to 1,253cc, horsepower improves to 136hp from 125hp, with 143Nm of torque (18Nm more).

The BMW GS has become the everyman’s adventure bike and is all the more popular for it

Riders who want sheer power are obviously not the target audience for the GS, since the latter has established its popularity with its sheer ease-of-use and all-round rideability – ShiftCam is just another step towards BMW’s goal of making a bike that anyone can ride anywhere.

Not boxers, but twins at least…

The riding electronics have also been improved – all versions of the bike for Singapore come with the full suite as standard. ‘Riding Modes Pro’ is standard for the GS here (it’s an optional feature overseas). That means all five riding modes (Rain, Road, Dynamic, Dynamic Pro, Enduro, Enduro Pro) are accessible, and the two ‘Pro’ modes can be further customised.

Also onboard is Dynamic Traction Control, and ABS Pro (extended ABS, including cornering ABS), Dynamic Brake Control (improves stopping distance through engine control), Hill Start Control Pro (no more dancing around on the footbrake on a hill-start), and Dynamic Brake Light.

Connectivity is supplied by the latest BMW Motorrad 6.5-inch TFT display screen that’s controlled by a scroll wheel on the left handlebar. As mentioned in our review of the F 850 GS on, it allows for Bluetooth connection to both rider and pillion headsets as well as the rider’s smartphone, and turn-by-turn navigation through the BMW ConnectedRide app.  

This is the R 1250 R’s display, but it’s effectively identical to the GS’s

Keen to see how the R 1250 GS – and the other GS models – hacks it off road? BMW Motorrad is holding a larger version of last year’s off-road themed Grand Slam event and interested parties can sign up here.

BMW is running another iteration of its off-road themed Grand Slam event on April 27th

Also at the debut event was the new version of BMW’s boxer-powered roadster, the R 1250 R, again packing the same engine and much of the same electronics, display and other upgrades the GS features. It’s offered in HP (S$48,800 OTR) and Exclusive (S$48,500 OTR) variants. Read our review of the previous model, the R 1200 R, on The R 1250 RS sport tourer and R 1250 RT tourer are expected to arrive in Singapore later this year.

Base Model – S$55,000 (OTR, with COE rebate)

Black Storm Metallic or Cosmic Blue Metallic colour
Granite Grey aluminium cast wheels with black brake calipers
Black subframe,
Silver main frame, handlebars, engine
Front fork tubes in gold
Radiator guard in plastic

HP – S$56,800 (OTR with COE rebate )

For riders who want to venture futher off-road
‘Motorsport’ colours
Enduro ‘beak’, radiator guard in metal
Frame guards, Enduro footpegs
Side panniers, lower wind screen, main frame in white, gold spoked wheels,
Slender motorsport seat

Touring  S$58,000 (OTR with COE rebate)

Black Storm Metallic or Cosmic Blue Metallic colour, Taller windscreen, Two-piece comfort seat, Pillion pegs, spoked wheels

Exclusive $S56,000 (OTR with COE rebate)

Black Storm Metallic, Night Black Mat colour only
Special ‘Exclusive’ paint scheme, Main frame in Agate Grey metallic, black rear frame, fork tubes and handlebars in black, Cast aluminium wheels in black, brake calipers in gold, Radiator guard in metal

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